Smoking one cigarette a day is a good habit.

I do it because I have to.


The rumors were false.

Root just left for school.

Alberto is very impatient.

Can you tell us when this was made?

The press confirmed the rumors.

The young women of this district are well known for their beauty.

I only believe about half of what Randal says.


Do I need one?

A DNA test proved he was innocent.

Everyone's hungry.

I am about to cry!

My grandfather was an archaeologist.


It's worth exploring.

You can't really expect me to do your homework for you.

How many men does it take to replace an empty toilet roll? No one knows, it's never happened.

You've been paroled.

I want to go abroad next year.

Suddenly, the supervisor lost his composure.

I told Metin it was his only option.

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Amanda said he'd be in Boston next week.

That's likely a mistake.

Where else would you like to go?

It's the perfect moment for a kiss.

Your parents loved us.


Have you ever eaten chocolate-covered popcorn?

He is daydreaming.

I don't think it's odd at all.

In summer, people prefer the sea.

What's your favorite dish for dinner?

The request was denied.

Hughes thinks he loves Leo more than John loves Alice.

He worked day and night so that his family could live in comfort.

Lieutenant Dan Anderson ordered his men to arrest Matt.

Suu was a farmer.

Gil needs a shower.

My brother did it on my behalf.

I envy you your beauty.

We were deeply impressed by the lecturer's eloquent speech.

Where are you planning to stay?

Will did some shopping at the mall.

I have not had anything to eat since this morning.

Russell is back in his apartment.

All three were killed.


I plan to go to bed early tonight.


"Please put this on the top." "On top of what?"

The second man was a Spanish explorer.

Rolfe said you don't know how to swim.


Why weren't you there?

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I didn't say Miltos wasn't smart.

I dropped one.

What's your favorite sport to watch?

If you have pain in your chest, consult your doctor right away.

You broke your arm.

Roman is happier than I've ever seen him.

The boss allotted tasks to his men.

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Toby solved all the problems.


We lost sight of the man in the crowd.


What's your relation with him?


There won't be an alternative.

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We'll be happy to help.


Add salt to taste.


The truck is powered by a diesel engine.

I want to study history.

I thought it'd be more comfortable if we sat here.

That's a picture of a monkey associated with the Year of the Monkey.

Can you really?

If you make a mistake, give yourself some time and try again.

I guess this is goodbye.

Naresh doesn't seem to be in any pain at all.

I talk as if I knew everything.


It is wise of you to ask me for advice.

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Can we turn that off, please?

I met Jarvis yesterday.

From the airport, the Keisei Line Sky-Liner will take you to Ueno Station in 75 minutes.


I am not in the least surprised.

This is a very complex problem.

Frankenstein is a work of art.

I want to kill someone.

My grandma texts faster than you.


Is Greek hard to learn?

Welcome to Columbia!

I didn't rob any bank.

He told the truth, otherwise he would have been punished.

I know that you live here.

I know who did it.

I don't want to talk to you about this.

Malus wouldn't tell me his girlfriend's name.

Water is very important.

She fell into conversation with her neighbors.

I saw three sets of footprints in the snow from the road up to my front door.


It's too early to call Brian.

Every person is an individual.

We've got to finish this job.


She is by far the best player in the club.

You made my day.

She loves me. But I do not love her.

Celtic is still present in Irish, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic.

In Hong Kong, English is the second language.

Every teacher does their best.

Tell Joon what really happened.

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Len will follow.

I have never seen anyone who knows so much about ancient history.

Kim promised to help.

It's just not appropriate.

Kees regrets buying the car sight unseen, because it's broken down twice in two months.

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In any case, I did my duty.

He is a self-oriented person.

Japan will get it from many countries.

We can't bury our heads in the sand.

Who made the delivery?

I heard him coming downstairs.

Kayvan loves nature.

Where do you train?

I'm sure Russell will be here.

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These are library books.

Did I cook for nothing?

I barely ever talk to Jochen.


Valeria wants everything out in the open.

What's everyone staring at?

I frequently talk to him.

You look very beautiful tonight.

Why was I never told about this?

Roger Federer is one of the few tennis players to have both delivered and suffered a crushing defeat in a Grand Slam final. He double-bagelled Lleyton Hewitt in the 2004 US Open final and himself got bagelled and breadsticked by Rafael Nadal in the 2008 French Open final.

It was quite expensive, but I really wanted that plushy, so I decided to buy the collector's edition of it.

But people have a little hope.

She is pretty, and what is better, very kind.


Stay with Donn.


I meet a lot of people.


I don't want to eat that banana.

You should be the one to talk to Takeuchi about what happened.

So, Betty, have you decided on your dream home yet?

The job market is not saturated.

I know where we can get some help.

I just bought this.

I wish Curt would eat what I give him without complaining.


Children work in this textile factory in conditions close to slavery making clothes for a well-known brand.


Your conclusion is highly arguable.

I'm not surprised you don't know the answer.

Is something wrong with Ofer?

Everyone called out to the singer for an encore.

Woody isn't seeing anyone.

We want you to have fun.

As you order!


Please remind me to turn in the paper tomorrow.

She explained her reasons to us.

I've lived here since I was a kid.

I don't like to write numbers.

I wanted to go to Boston.

He took his place at the foot of the table.

Alan has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

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I wonder if Milner is having fun.

The victory was won at the cost of many lives.

He appeared confident before presenting his findings, but his presentation was at best equivocal.

What's really bothering Jonathan?

Is that why you've stayed?

Richard's dog knocked over our trash can.

The bus driver was drunk.


I don't make as much money as I'd like to.

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What color is the notebook you're looking for?

I doubt I can get them to do it.

The cranes tend to make their nests in the bell towers of churches.


Do we know you?