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LAN Statistics


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Welcome to 602LAN SUITE 2004!
(This page is a place holder for the home page of your own web site.)

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Thank you for choosing 602LAN SUITE 2004
Your secure mail server with anti-virus & anti-spam, built-in firewall and proxy for controlled Internet sharing.

Important Information
This web page can easily be replaced with your own page. To replace this page, copy your content to the directory [LAN SUITE directory]\docs\.

Web Mail
To access your mailbox on LAN SUITE click the following URL: 205-558-1178. Please bookmark this page for future use.

LAN SUITE Administration
LAN SUITE supports browser-based administration at the following URL: /yourcomputername/admin/. Please bookmark this page for future use.

ActiveReports statistics
Administrator can access statistics as from ActiveReports application as well as from remote administration or click following link 309-798-7730. Users can check personal user statistics here: 3364801503.

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