Thank you so much!

The soldiers were marching two abreast.

He says that he did nothing illegal.

Kitty likes taking walks.

I didn't think you'd be so late.

That has happened to me several times.

Let's see what Debbie and Ninja are up to.

The professor is in Japan on sabbatical leave.

I've been dreaming of this trip for a long time.


It was foolish of him to waste his money on such trifles.

That's what I meant.

Greg knows what's good.


A gentleman would not do such a thing.


You'd better not tell anyone about what happened.


She played basketball.

My boat ran aground on a sandbar.

Irwin was kept in hospital overnight for observation.


I'll need at least three days to translate this thesis.


He reported his accident to the police.

He received rough treatment.

It might be interesting.

I want to hear all your news.

He grabbed the letter out of my hand.


That had never happened to me before.


She'll have to delay her education because she lost her job.

She uses Botox.

I ate too much.

Does she like orange?

Leigh has done well here.

We want to be on the first bus tomorrow morning.

Technology will make a lot of progress in the nineties.

Suu ate too many jelly donuts.

I'm really grateful.

Marnix hasn't spoken to me about it yet.

Marsha and his friends played cowboys and Indians.

Pete is out of the country.

That means the world to me.

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Everyone knows you're crazy about him.

If you oversleep, you'll end up hungry.

I am getting weak!

It was easy for me to solve the problem.

Hippopotamuses are agressive and unpredictable.


I'd like a copy of the autopsy report.

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We conversed until late at night while eating cake and drinking tea.


I explained the procedure to him.

I am calling my brother.

A family is the smallest unit of society.


I was thirteen years old then.

Emmett took an ice bath after the race.

Her kindness has become a burden to me.

We took turns driving our car on our way there.

I don't think they'll allow you to do that.

We must take his illness into consideration before marking his exam.

I had a problem to take care of.

Jayesh lied about how much money he spent.

I'm sure you heard about the fire.

Some people take a bath every day and others don't.

The two fixed on the day for their wedding.

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What were you saying?

You can't get lost in big cities; there are maps everywhere!

Mike painted his son's bedroom with images of dogs and cats.


How did your day go?

The paper cut his finger as if it were a razor blade.

He looked back at me before he went on board the plane.

I've seen all I want to see.

When it comes to playing golf, you cannot beat him.


I used to eat three eggs a day.

On the way home we stopped at a farm to look at the newly-born foals and calves.

When he opened the door he had nothing on but the TV.

Be like the palm tree - the more it gets pressed by the cliff, the quicker and more beautiful its rise to the top.

Good luck on your date.

A gentleman would not do such a thing.

My phone's ringing.

I have a right to know the truth.

The corruption of the best is the worst.


The heater works.


Winter is coming soon.

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Who gets to tell them?

Why didn't you just tell me what it was?

Why do people say that?


Helge's father was a very wise person.


We're not taking anything.

That wasn't what I intended.

They greeted me with a smile.

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Ahmet doesn't want to get out of bed.

Do you know any Greek myths?

I didn't know what to do next.

King said it was cold in Boston this time of year.

The man was of normal height.

She turned a page of her book.

Did you talk to them about it?

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You had better prepare for the future.

I gathered from his looks he was angry with me.

You gave us something to talk about.

Did someone tell you that?

Why are you making faces?

You weren't invited.

No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

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Stop contributing to Tatoeba. You're addicted.


Children are fond of adventure.

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Hirofumi looked a little tired.

Joe gave David something.

This is a real surprise.

We were trying to protect Max.

Is it possible I also know this lovely person you're speaking of?

Why did you choose me?

This is necessary.

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Collin needed you.

Donne was gullible.

She was wearing a short skirt and high heels.

That was easy.

Dani is a very gifted artist.

It doesn't get any easier.

Are you sure you have the right address?


He said that his previous dentist told him that he'd remove nicotine stains if he stopped smoking.

I think Bea is careful.

Are you related to us?

Get out of our way.

Most of the lift is generated by the wings.


Let's assume that I do believe you.

Ram visited her husband in prison.

As a result, prices rose.


We've been way too lenient with Russell.

Vandalism is on the rise.

Lying is second nature to him.

You never told me your name.

Let's go on a road trip.


The dog rebelled against his master.

Maybe I'll tell you and maybe I won't.

I love France.

It never rains but it pours.

What kind of pills are those?

I admit I made a mistake.

Christ walked, talked and ate with people that society in those days called sinners. He did not single out anyone for persecution.

He took as much care as possible.

The server farm suffered extensive breakage after the earthquake.

Thuan's trip lasted three months.

Marco and Brodie rolled around in the grass.

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Don't pay attention to her.


Suresh is used to speaking in public.

We need a hero.

Son of a bitch stole my backpack, ate my sandwich, and shit in my Thermos!


Sharada did not want to meet up with Dick in the city. Therefore, she canceled on him.

We take our tea with sugar.

I got it down to one today!

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He was affected by the heat.

It isn't over.

This weather is not good for the crops.

I cooked dinner for you.

I can't speak French without making a lot of mistakes.

"Are you happy, Kelly?" "Yes, I am." "If you are, then so am I." "And if you are, Shatter, so am I."

This photograph always reminds me of my father.

Pilar is now on vacation.

Why are you mad?

She helped an old man cross the road.

I assume there's somebody somewhere who likes Srinivasan.

Take your time, but hurry up.

She told me that I could sleep on the sofa.

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We will have an English test this afternoon.

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I have to design a new poster for the movie.

When he got into trouble, he turned to his parents for help.

Old people walk slowly.