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Our lab specializes in Molecular Diagnostics and Laboratory Services. In layman terms…

We have a lot of very smart people working to bring 21st centurytechnology to you by offering doctors tools that will enable them to better treat patients with precision therapy and avoid the failed trial-and-error prescribing or One Dose Fits Most™.

To accomplish this, we’ve partnered with a private lab offering affordable state of the art screening and diagnostic technologies aimed at helping your doctor reduce disease mortality and adverse drug reactions in their patients.Without this test, this could happen to you!

So be sure to ask your doctor to administer your PGx test BEFORE they prescribe you any medication for polypharmacy therapy- ESPECIALLY if your issue is related to Psychiatry, Cardiovascular, Pain or Cancer.

Healthcare Professionals

With a management team with more than 40 years of experience in the  olecular Diagnostic field and over 60 years in corporate management, we have a track record of published studies and commercialized products. Additionally, we have led CMS and FDA clinical research programs; a successful track record of implementing molecular diagnostic media education and outreach programs; and established proprietary and licensed technology products. Our top rated clinical support team is available to help doctors/patients evaluate results anytime.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technologies such as Genotyping and Gene Expression, Next Generation Sequencing, Patient Inclusion, Exclusion, Stratification, Phase I-IV, End-point, and Retrospective Analysis. We also provide Study Design, IRB Development.

We are CLIA, CAP, GLP, ICH E15, HIPAA Compliant Services.

Pharmacogenomic Test (PGx)

The answers lie in your unique DNA.

With our JustOnce® pharmacogenomic test kit, your physician can use the results of our technology to help guide them to select the Right Meds! Right Dose! Right Now! specifically tailored to your DNA for better treatment outcomes.

No more Trial-and-Error prescribing.
We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this test, getting your doctor on board, or determiningif this test is right for you.

We say to you all…
The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask, so please engage us in dialogue and arm yourselves with information.

– PLUS –

Your insurance carrier may offer 100% coverage for this test, so please contact us to help you with this. (Click to find out)

Ordering our JustOnce® PGx test is a Breeze



Your DNA is collected in a medical office or similar locationby means of a buccal swab (inside the inner cheek of your mouth)


Your DNA is shipped to our lab for processing and analysis.


Analysis, interpretation, and reporting is done(once the DNA specimen is processed by our computers to ensure meticulous accuracy in our redundant procedure for maximum results)


Within 24-48 hours after receiving the DNA specimen, actionable results are available to your doctor to prescribe you medication.

You’ve felt all along that the countless of medications you take daily isn’t making you feel better.
So talk to your doctor about our PGx test JustOnce® and get actionable answers about the medication you’re taking

FDA Fact: 30 million Americans take 5 or more prescription medications daily!

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR’s)
ARE the 4th leading cause of death.

Currently! Counter is updating it self.
Availabe soon...

Total Deaths to Date

In America, every three and a half minutes or so another person dies from an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR).

How many more must die before we see the urgency in this preventable cause of death?


  • Before your Doctor prescribes you another pill
  • Before you continue to take medications that just aren’tworking
  • Before you suffer one more day of horrible “Side-Effects”
  • Before you’re subjected to months of “Trial-and-Error”failed prescribing
  • Before you endure one treatment failure after another
  • Before you close this page without getting more information that could save your life…

Discover what works best
FOR YOU JustOnce®

The Future of healthcare is NOW

Arm yourself with the knowledge and peace of mind that a personalized, comprehensive, and cost-effective PGx testing brings.

Your test results will help your doctor make an informed decision on what medications and dosages work best with your genetic profile. No more One-Dose-Fits-Most™prescribing.

Precision Medicine specific to YOUR DNA!

Things that Make you go hmmm!

A professional automobile mechanic knows to hook your vehicle up to a diagnostic machine to help them pinpoint the problem and correct it. While a PGx test IS NOT a diagnostic test, it reveals equally valuable information about how your body processes medication to help a doctor prescribe The Right Medication! The Right Dose! Right Now!

So why aren’t more doctors using this test?