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RailConnect 2.0
RailConnect 2.0, the New TMS/RMS Release announced at the 2013 Client Conference, is ready for your use today!

Simply go to /rc2.railconnect.com and enter your road mark to login to RailConnect with your existing user id and password. You will see the new, intuitive user-friendly interface and much more!

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Sessions with NO Update
Use the button below if you do NOT have Administrator access on your computer. The option below will NOT update the current NewLook version. This means that any recent update to any TMS/RMS screen will not be apparent to you as a user until you udate the NewLook version.

Session With Update
The option below will update the Newlook version, however, you need to have Local Administrator rights on your PC. Use this option only if you know that you have the necessary PC rights to proceed with the update.

Once the Update process begins, it cannot be stopped...

Need Help?
If you experience any problems,
please contact RailConnect Support: 404-351-0349 or pross

Hotkey / Shortcut Help

Hotkey Help
Use this link to access a quick list of helpful Hotkey Shortcuts.

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