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Welcome to !

We are a BZFlag community that offers FREE BZFS Hosting If you need your BZFlag server hosted, you are at the good place. If you just want to play and have fun, you are at the good place too! Welcome in, and we hope you enjoy your game or server!

Unlike other FREE BZFS hosting communities, we don't only offer one port... You can have two! And yes! It's free! you've got NOTHING to lose! try us today!

When it's not only a game...


For us, it's not only a game.

It's also an online community, an opportunity to offer exceptionnal service, quality hosting for FREE.

We run off donations, so if you can spare $2 or more, it would be highly appreciated. The hosting Service is managed by experienced users that understands how to fix your syntax problems. Why not try us today? it's FREE!


I am really satisfied with the FREE Hosting and the service when I have a problem with my server. They really want to help and offer alot for FREE!

Callsign, having a server hosted

(215) 349-7494
 Last updated: Saturday, September 4, 2010


Our Team

  • Owner and host:
    - Cruel dog / a Mackerel Tabby
  • Co-owner:
    - allejo
  • Head admins:
    - ahs3
    - Ghost.
    - temporal distraction
  • Support Operators:
    - yamar

Our server

We run on a VPS.

Intel Xeon 8 Core CPU
512MB RAM + 512 MB Swap
Ubuntu Linux 10.04
BZnetwork Web BZFS Manager


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