Founded in 2010, Windowsill Smart (Pty) Ltd was started by Harry van Lieshout. With over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, Harry saw a need to create pre cast windowsills to replace the conventional brick on edge. To date Windowsill Smart had delivered over 35 000 windowsills to its client. David van Lieshout joined Windowsill Smart in 2014 to help father Harry as the demand for windowsills grew past his expectation. Together they have grown the business by 700% in the last 3 years. Their product range grew quickly and in April 2017 they refreshed their brand and started trading as Smartcrete.

If concrete were to be invented today, it would be hailed as a miracle. It is the most commonly used building material in the world, and because of that we take it for granted. Too often this means that we overlook the nearly limitless possibilities offered by pre-cast concrete components.


But it’s just the tip of the pre-cast pyramid. As you will see from our product inside, the benefits and uses of pre-cast are limited only by our imaginations.

Smartcrete is a young and dynamic pre-cast manufacturing company. The team of Smartcrete has over 50 years experience in the construction industry.  Our vision is to produce products of the highest quality and durability.


Because of the quality controlled manufacturing environment, repetition of individual products can be achieved with confidence whether the job requires 10, 100 or 1,000 pieces. Precast concrete forms and molds can be stored to allow later replication, whether additional units are required one day, one week or one year later.


Because precast components are cast in a plant and delivered to a job site, disruption to the surrounding community is greatly reduced. Noises associated with the construction of forms and placement of concrete is contained within the plant environment. This results in substantially quieter construction sites – a genuine benefit

to local residents and workers alike.


Precast structures – particularly floors and staircases – provide an early, secure and broad platform on the job site. This solid footing helps speed up construction and provides a safer working environment.


Precast installation is so quick that other trades can begin work sooner – often saving weeks on the construction schedule. Precast also requires less storage space on site, no long setups for scaffolding, and smaller crews to install. Precast needs no additional curing on site and does not require protection from weather.


Despite all the best intentions on a construction site, sometimes minor dents, damage or dirtying can compromise the appearance of neatly installed concrete units. The excellent surface finish of precast makes cleaning and repairs easy. Smartcrete offers extensive guidance on how best to undertake these tasks.


The materials that comprise precast concrete products come from natural and recycled sources, making it a very sustainable construction material, perfect for green building under LEED guidelines. Aggregates and water are all widely available and in plentiful supply. Precast concrete building products correlate with at least four categories of LEED certification and can also help a building qualify for additional “Innovation” points.


As with many concrete products, precast is easy to crush and recycle as

aggregate. Demand for “previously enjoyed” materials like this is growing

every year. Even the reinforcing steel can be recycled.


In its daily use, precast concrete is a totally inert substance, so it will not emit any gases, toxic compounds or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This means allergy sufferers can breathe easy because precast does not contribute to “sick building syndrome.”


There’s no doubt that the many advantages of precast comprise a significant package. It’s super strong, long-lasting and resists buoyancy. And it offers beauty and value through attractive finishes, modularity and quick all-weather



Smartcrete’s precast concrete products invest heavily in research and development to make our products and services even better. New products, new information technology and new production facilities demonstrate this forward-thinking attitude.


The technology behind precast production, design and construction stretches back hundreds of years, so customers can be assured of peace of mind when specifying precast products. Precast is a proven technology with a long history and a high-tech future.


Smartcrete can create any specific style or size, with our knowledge we can assist you in creating something unique and practical. All the moulds needed to create this customised product will be made by us making sure the end result is perfect. There is no job too big or too small for Smartcrete, we do them all.


Please contact us if you would like our help in creating something special just for you.

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