We got to the top of Osaka Tower.

I owe you big time!

There's nothing wrong with that. Not at all.

I went to swim in the river yesterday.

Glynn handed the salt shaker to Olson.

Rules are made to be broken.

If you were in my place, what would you do?

I don't want you fighting over me.

Hsi didn't say where he was going.

Would you like bacon or sausage?


There's no life without hardships.

Jurevis didn't get up early enough.

What didn't Piet want you to see?

Marty made me carry his suitcase.

It is polite to open doors for people.

You must be at least eighteen to view this sentence.

Written on the blackboard was my name.


The police hunted for an accessory.


Of all the forms of government, democracy is the least bad.


Kirk is still looking for work.


I don't agree with their present policy.

I cannot drink coffee without sugar.

We advanced under cover of darkness.

Why is everybody hugging him?

I always enjoy visiting Boston.

Lisa speaks not only English but also French.

It's going to break.

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Thanks again for rescuing me, again.

Such changes are nothing more than the artist's legerdemain.

That's totally understandable.

I got her a wrist watch.

We request your attendance at the meeting.

We're ready.

Are humans like goldfish in a fishbowl?


This evil custom must be abolished.

Jesus fell asleep during sex ed class.

This is the watch that I bought yesterday.

We've just finished remodeling our basement.

It never occurred to me that he might be an escaped prisoner.

I share an apartment with her.

In the U.S., you have the option, when you enter a restaurant, to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section.

I took him by the wrist.

Toft is the only one I know that can speak French.


Only if it's not too much trouble.


Did she say that?

You have been good soldiers.

He is a captious man.

She went to Paris in order to study art.

I tried to get it, but to no purpose.

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Hanako likes cake a lot.

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She went to the cinema with him.


I wouldn't accept that job.


She became deaf from the explosion.

May God help you!

Don't you want to know why?


I was more angry than sad.

Price put the cork back into the wine bottle.

He wants to work in a factory.


Hartmann has to stay in the house because he has the chicken pox.

Rajesh is kneeling.

He always comes to show his appreciation during the New Year and holidays.

I asked him to answer soon after he received my letter.

I can understand everything she's saying.

How many shots did you hear?

They cursed us.


We must not speak ill of others behind their backs.

Shean poured wine into a plastic cup and handed it to Carsten.

The world economy is in recession now.


Try not to make a habit of this.

Air and heir are homophones of each other.

It is very impolite of him to decline her invitation.

You don't need my help anymore.

There's no way that'll fly.

Bell lived in London, right?

That's so ridiculous.

Not that I know of.

Tell them I'm coming back.

It's only a small house but it meets my needs perfectly.

"Who knows the way to the airport?" "I do."


Because of the snow, the train didn't run.

Would it bother you if I smoke?

The world chased me, but never caught.

Is it cancer?

He walked on and on in the rain.

It's nothing to worry about.

You've sure got the teacher's number.


She would like to have another cup of coffee.

There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity.

Don't worry guys, I've got this.

He killed the old lady just for kicks.

You're too loud.

Do you want me to do that for you?

Dustin will help whoever asks him to help.

Christie doesn't seem to care anymore.

Have you ever been kissed?

I'm not saying this just because I'm your sister.

I don't want you to think that I'm not happy with your decision.

Justice is found in a courtroom.

Do you any idea what this might be?

I thought about them.

He killed him to avenge his dead father.

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Billie is deranged.

Allied forces were attacking from the west.

How do you feel about opera?

That's not what I told him.

We'll get another chance.

Why are you working for Jitendra?

Look closer.

With your connections, you should be able to find a job for Tyler.

He rushed into the room with his coat on.

Edmond was carrying a glass of water.

I'll see you back here at 2:30.

She writes to her son every now and then.

I would never consider building a house in this area.

Throw him out.

Is it okay if I borrow these books?

I swear what I told you is true.

Her sorrow found expression in silent tears.

She never managed to pay the bill on time.

This should be corrected.

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He's some kind of manservant for her.


I bought butter, cheese, eggs and what not.

It's too late.

I'm really in love with you.


What else can I get for you?

Shyam is pretty busy.

Today, even white-collar workers are confronted with great hardships.


Tons of waste are produced every day in the country.

I like all kinds of music but I'm most fond of classical.

Can I use Mastercard?

Read the kinds of books that you find interesting.

If you go out, I won't let you come in again.


I am very reserved.


They were having marriage problems.

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Did you give him my message?

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I'm nervous.

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I believe you both know me.

I filled the cup.

We'll be finished!

The father abandoned us.

I walked past the construction site on my way here.

This is puzzling.

I have nothing to share.


The jagged mountains were capped with snow.


I lost my wallet on the way to school.

Have you taken a bath yet, Takashi?

Children grow up so quickly.

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Chris didn't have a car.

I won't be able to eat all that by myself.

Seldom do I see him.

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As soon as I get my trailer back from my son, I'm going to take a load of rubbish to the tip.

Leo's mother is very conservative.

Lindsay stopped the engine.


Someone threw a rock at her.

I'm not sure I can be all that much help.

I can't stand being laughed at in public.

The true makers of history are the masses.

Do you need a minute?

His injuries are all external.

I must say that your writing is at a pretty good level!

How did you enjoy the play?

She has a tendency to look on the dark side of things.

You'll find something that interests you.

It seems like you've gotten better at French.

Do you want to go in?

What really happened to them?