The Future Of Glass

In a new world where speed, quality and performance matter more than ever, Concept helps you deliver.

  • Business & Production Management 

  • Accounting & Analysis

  • Cloud Storage & Encryption 

Simplistic Approach,
Modern Execution

To achieve success we apply simple product concepts:

  • Speed – Our hotkey-based interface is built for speed. Our commitment to efficiency has obligated us to create an intuitive and lightning fast system that makes order entry and processing, hands down, the fastest in the market.

  • Extendability – Unlimited product options, unlimited processes, unlimited control. No matter the size of your operation, our system scales phenomenally without a lack of speed or visibility into the processes that your factory operate on.

  • Depth – Reporting features within Concept allow any number of products, sales, processes, invoices, purchase orders to be cross-examined for the ultimate visibility across the entire package. Combined with real-time process insight and scheduling and you have access to efficiency at your finger tips.

Over 30 years in the industry has allowed us to aggregate a huge range of product features for any glass manufacturing process. Find out more about our modules here:

Our Products


Ultra-fast order entry, purchase ordering and quoting system. Automated order input and EDI. Unlimited processing options for all glass types, shapes and product.


Production planning, scheduling and capacity planning. CAD importer. Yield optimisation, cut management and stock control. Racking management. Delivery system with route planner.


Invoicing, purchase ordering, data matching. Export and import from third party accounting packages including Xero and MYOB.


Unlimited reporting options. Sales and production analysis. Drill into analytics on each product, customer, group. Debtor reporting and P&L by customer and product.


Multi Language Support

Concept offer multi language support enabling all users to view and operate in their native language. A centralized repository of data is accessible no matter where you are based.

Our customers can utilize office staff in Australia and production management in China, all using the same information with no need for data reentry or double handling. Accessing and editing data is done in real-time, with no delay between users no matter where they are based in the world.

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