Sanjay fell and hurt his knee.

Why can't I move?

Sofia's escaped.

It's necessary to take correct measurements when you are tailoring a suit.


I've seen a lot of changes.

"I have never thought about it", said the old man. "What should we do?"

Fish gotta swim.


Lots of people learn Japanese so they can understand mangas.

Matthieu says he's too sick to get out of bed.

Major and Meehan are as different as black and white.

I told you I didn't want this.

Good writing has been going out of style, in favor of texting.

I don't want you to get angry.

I've got nothing left to say.

Knute wasn't very happy at being interrupted.

Murray usually wakes up about noon.

Why was I not aware of this?

Vince needs money for college.

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The street protests have been going on for three weeks already.

Jem's starting to go bald.

We had a bumper crop this year.


I shouldn't worry.


The problem isn't that.

You know my favorite singer Terry Tate.

I thought you loved it.

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She accompanied him on the piano.

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Tomorrow's your day off.

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I assumed because we're brothers that I could trust you.

Don't you think it's too strange?

We'll see you there.

I want to buy this toy doll.

It was pretty dangerous.

I may be able to find her.

That was his personal opinion.

Sonja wasn't very hungry.

There is no doubt that his sons are good boys.

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He is ready with excuses.


The days grow shorter as winter approaches.


I've been waiting for half an hour.

That wasn't right.

Nicolas eats, sleeps and breathes baseball.

I want you to listen to me very carefully.

This is going to be a challenge!

Don't lean against the wall.

I must give my respects.

Can we count on you?

My brother has lived in England for more than thirty years.

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I suppose I could help.

Gabriel hasn't paid for that yet.

Robin sat in his rocking chair, reading a novel.

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My grandfather is from Osaka.


The country is divided, yet there are mountains and rivers.

Derek wouldn't leave us here, would he?

I thought you left with her.

If it is, we will send you back a list of sentences to record.

Mike always remains calm.

Hotta hasn't changed his mind and probably never will.

Sometimes reading took up half his time.

That just baffles me.

How long is the flight?

I stopped smoking and drinking.

He can speak English and French.


The kids have had enough of your rules.


Yes, the milk is very good.


She made a man of him.

Did you really think I wouldn't learn the truth?

Can I take photographs here?

Can someone explain how this always happens?

Broken test tubes, cracked beakers - the work of careless students in the laboratory.

Do you remember what happened?

The Space Needle is in Seattle.

I woke up gasping for air.

When was the last time you saw Cecilia smile?

Colin and Saiid are both asleep.

Tell us exactly what you'd like us to do for you.


I am in this restaurant.

I saw Mr. Yamada at Shinjuku Station this morning.

Peter greeted me politely.


It's not my choice.

Naren laughed at my joke.

That female student is American.


I made believe that I supported him.

It would have been better if you'd never been born.

I don't need him.

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Why do you study English every day?

I don't have any baby pictures of myself.

She hit her boyfriend and broke his nose.


I still want to marry you.

Now who's going to help you?

This is a photograph of my home.


Vick picked up the helmet and put it on.

She uses cheap makeup.

I want to think that parents are more important than their children.


Raja was robbed at knife-point.

Spin the wheel around.

I've been thinking it over.

Are you going to come?

We are going to the lake to have lunch.

I went to the hospital to see my wife.

He often eats out on Saturday nights.

The stock market has dropped today.

You should brush up on your Spanish.

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I'm going to go out this afternoon.


We were looking forward to spending an evening at home alone.


Peter lives with his friend.

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I'll tell him tomorrow.

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I'm not sure you'll have the time.

Having sent a rude email to a constituent who had criticized government policy, the minister not only had to step down as a cabinet minister but was also forced out of his party caucus.

Am I speaking with Taylor?

Pradeep's suspicious.

It's difficult to evaluate his ability.

Last year I was a TA for calculus.

Jennifer and I are about the same weight.

Estella and I are going for a walk.

The artificial satellite was launched into the orbit.


I want my country to win.


It was irresistible.


Chinese officials say economic growth has dropped to a three-year low because of the world economy.


Squirrels drive me nuts.

Back up!

God, this place is huge!

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Whatever the party holds to be truth, is truth.

Citizens of the United States generally feel a responsibility for the democratic society supported by them.

The problem is the opposite.


She gave me something very nice for my birthday.

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Who are you looking for, Matthew?


Your breath stinks.

He took out the maximum insurance.

I don't know what Amarth is talking about.

Giving up what you want is hard, but sometimes we have no other choice.

Must we dress up?

I take it you two don't get along.

Sorry. Traffic was heavy.


Darryl is better at speaking French than you think he is.


I don't know how she puts up with the noise of a jet plane.


Through the ages, human beings have looked up in wonder at the moon and the stars - just as I did last night.

Kirk made it.

Give us some money.


He is advised to keep to a strict diet.


You know that the only reason we stand here tonight is because men and women from both of our nations came together to work, and struggle, and sacrifice for that better life.


The novel is centered on the Civil War.

She's lying.

Many Japanese irises were flowering prettily on the lake's edge.


This will only take a minute.

Triantaphyllos thought he was cute, but she was too shy to say anything.

They insisted on my getting the work done by tomorrow.

I invited my friends over for coffee.

Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.


Some of my friends can speak French fairly well.

That was his name.

Niall said you said it was OK to go.

Reading a book is interesting.

Knute eats almost anything.

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"You are twenty-one already, and still you are enjoying the reverses!" "I just..." "Styopa, I didn't mean you!"