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RELATIONSHIPS are Everything

Leverage the largest connected network to refer your next great hire.

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Our influencer network and proprietary technology accelerate the candidate sourcing process

Our secret sauce is focused on our influencer network and proprietary technology that accelerates the candidate sourcing process. By utilizing a differentiated crowdsourcing model, we execute the target research and sourcing phases of a search differently than any other recruiting firm. Many recruiters can attest to the difficulties of jarring passive talent into listening to outside opportunities. Our theory is, the individual who packages and presents that message – trusted, personal source versus recruiting cold calling, LinkedIn messages, etc. – yields a much better hit rate.


We partner with companies a few different ways

Hunt Club Search

We value building an effective partnership, going deeper to understand your business, and offering support and guidance to achieve success.


Hunt Club Pipeline

With Hunt Club Pipeline, we identify the best possible candidate profiles and target companies and use our technology + influencer referral network to create an extensive list of qualified candidates for you to engage, screen and hire.


Hunt Club RPO

Hunt Club RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) aligns with your company’s vision and talent strategy. Hunt Club’s Account Managers and Talent Partners will seamlessly connect external and internal arms of the company to source and screen qualified candidates.


Hunt Club at a Glance



Our network of over 4000 Influencers – CEOs, CMOs, VPs, startup founders and other high-connected people who know the business and know talent, inside and out. Unlike most recruiters, their skillset is current, and they’ve seen the rising stars first hand. Influencers unlock talented people who aren’t looking for a job – the passive talent – because someone they trust made the referral.


Hunt Club has developed a suite of tools to help quickly identify, vet and manage, and get referred to our network of over 2 million passive candidates. No other search firm uses leverages technology like we do.

Services Team

Our tech allows our amazing recruiting team to deliver an unparalleled white glove experience: they spend more time talking to candidates, understanding your needs, and ultimately help you hire better people in less time.

Meet Our Clients

“Hunt Club has brought us amazing talent and has helped place some really difficult roles. We love the idea of networks of talented people helping us find our next great hire, and look forward to continuing to work with them as we grow.”

Adam Weber, CMO of Dollar Shave Club

“I’ve worked with countless talent firms, and Hunt Club has delivered leaps and bounds better than the others. They have worked on over 40 positions for me over the last few years, and have helped to make hiring A players a seamless process. Highly recommend.”

James Commons, VP of AOL

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