Rich is probably just making a mountain out of a molehill again.


The opposition was divided.

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Gentleman once meant a person of high social class and sufficient income so that he didn't have to work.

Are you doing anything for Thanksgiving?

Marcel is awfully calm.

Mom is preparing a meal in the kitchen.

I learned to study and play like my Japanese friends.


Why aren't you home yet?


I am tied to my mother's apron strings.


Shakespeare's "Macbeth" is a tragedy.

Eugene isn't answering her phone.

We're getting pretty good at doing this.

Don't you agree to this plan?

I see a house.


Many poor students are given bursaries.


It came out in yesterday's Sankei.

It's so bad, it's funny.

The blood on my shirt is my brother's.

Some snakes are venimous but I still fear all of them.

She misses her family a lot.


We are located in Boston.


Wayne and his friends built a snow fort.


Argentina fought a war with Great Britain over the Falkland Islands.

Jane skipped the questions she couldn't answer.

Can I see you for a second?

The business prospered beneath his guiding hand.

I'd never ever do that.

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How drunk were you last night?

Have you heard from my uncle?

I'm not involving Ira.

Just go about your business and don't keep looking at me.

Please tell me where the police station is.


June and Sharada spoke in their respective languages.


Malaclypse left without telling anyone.

She removed him from her memory.

Administrator and moderators are working for the best language tool, Tatoeba Project.

Hm, do you really want to know it?

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

The fact is that he is my close friend.

Brender hasn't been back here for years.

I knew what the problem was.

It's just like you say.

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I think you might want to hear this.

Pieter sat on his bed.

Were you drinking?

What does the winner get?

Jeanette knew that he was dying.


The lawyer seems to think it'll be an open and shut case.


Because of the drought, the grass has withered.

Ricky's wife died a few years ago.

Apart from a couple of early setbacks, the project is progressing well.


She likes oranges, doesn't she?

The early morning hours are the most effective for me.

It doesn't matter to me one bit.


Merat raises her son as a single mother.


Do we have an agreement?

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I'm afraid we have a problem.


I daydream about it.

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That's her home.

He doesn't want to go; neither do I.

The water is good.


English is easy to learn.

Collin said he didn't think Patrick wanted to be on the basketball team.

"Look," she said.

Even in our family not all of us are of the same race.

Are you sure you're ready?


We planted peanuts instead of cotton.


Why, is she weeping for joy?

I want to learn how to ski.

I don't know anything about him at all.


Her father would certainly beat her.


He's so full of shit.

The box is light enough for a child to carry.

Does Wade still have that red sports car he used to drive?

You're just sad.

Lievaart knew there was no point in arguing.

In the summer, eggs go bad quickly.

I'm sure something will turn up.

It's really all quite simple.

Sinograms are a form of mathematics.


Make it brief.

It's changed so much, there are some places I don't even recognise.

With whom are you eating?

He will be here any minute.

I have two brothers and three sisters.

Please come back at once.

He is a small man.

Eating too much is bad for your health.

We aren't friends.

Damone pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

You've done a remarkable job.

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The Peepal tree does not die just because a crow cawed.

Alright, that's enough.

Athletes hoping to medal in the Olympics have been warned to stay away from social media in the lead up to their events.

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Perhaps Naoto is right.

What time will Antony arrive in Boston?

It's a pleasant day for a picnic.

Do you have this in my size?

Executive departments and agencies should harness new technologies to put information about their operations and decisions online and readily available to the public.

Let's leave when you are ready.

She smiled and said goodbye.

What grade is your sister in?

I made a big mistake thinking he was an honest man.

When he first heard her lovely voice over the phone, he fell head over heels for her.

I got jealous.


I was careful.

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It's very unlikely that you'll ever see a horse around here.

After an absence of ten months, he returned home.

Cris said you were here.

Aqua expresses the colour of clear water, it is a bright, and light, blue.

Your plan sounds good, but the bottom line is: will it bring us more business?

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They refused to go anywhere on foot.

We need a ladder.

He supports the Democratic Party.

How was your honeymoon?

Yes, we want that.

It looked like Ian was right.

I'll be more careful next time.

When I visited my friend in Nagano, I was treated to delicious soba.

I make a point of writing an answer as soon as I get a letter.

Excuse me. That fare is not enough.

Lisa said he'd call tomorrow.

I remember my mother when I see this.

Who's going to stay at home to receive the guests?


Who is the author?


There was a large crowd there.

Where is the dining hall?

Edmond has got a severe concussion.


He looked at the picture.


It was very far-sighted for that company to change its policy to accommodate the decrease in numbers of children and the aging of society.


She is living in the village.


The wine was very expensive, but even so he wanted to buy it.

Let's have a drink and listen to some music.

It's a good idea to bring nail scissors.

It was yesterday that he went there.

Is it true that you gamble?


Please don't take it out, if possible?

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May I ride a bicycle?

I can't see any bruises.

Let's try to live a life of gratefulness.

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We need to get this safe open.

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As it is very hot today, I don't feel like studying.

"Hey everyone, I have something to say!" "My boy, what is it?" "I'm going to join Ganon!"

I cut my finger.

I paid 40,000 yen for this tape recorder.

Tell him what's on your mind.

Steen asked me to do it for him.

Teacher, I will write it in pen.

There will be card-playing tonight.

I heard the news that there had been a big earthquake in Awaji.

All men die, but not all men really live.

The other leaned against a tree hard by.

If you intend to win, you should do your best.

These seats are reserved for old people.

We discussed the article I published.

Jeff reached for his drink.