HERO Generation is a positive education framework that supports both staff and student well-being. Built upon Plasticity’s HERO Traits (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism), HERO Generation provides educators with tools to build a positive school culture where students can flourish.

HERO for Schools

Online Portal

Staff and members of HERO Generation can access the online portal, complete with resources for schools, classroom activities, lessons, videos, access to webinars, resources for families and more!

Classroom Materials

Get access to classroom downloads including posters, calendars, activities, sample lessons and guidebooks.

HERO Schools

Happier, Higher-Performing Student, Staff, and Communities

HERO Generation research in conjunction with existing scientific evidence demonstrates that a valuable way to support healthy psychological development, foster strong social relationships, and cultivate a positive school environment, is to support the entire education ecosystem.

Plasticity Labs identified the ecosystem as four quadrants, where students, staff, families, and the surrounding community, all play an essential role in a school’s performance.


Partnering with Educators

Would you like to help set students up for a healthy, happy life?

Are you energetic, great with kids, and responsible?

Come volunteer with the HERO Generation!

How it Works

Staff and students will be following the HERO Generation framework, that will build understanding and application of the key high-performance traits while encouraging student voice and ownership of HERO learning.

Families can also build their HERO Traits™ “tool-kit” through regular updates which will include key information and resources for families.

Plasticity, an online wellness platform, will offer emotional intelligence training, happiness tracking, and a positive, supportive social community to all staff.