Dan came home early to catch Linda cheating on him.

Her English is perfect.

Tim wants answers now.

He abused my confidence.

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You may have that opportunity.

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Find Gail before he tells someone.


Venkata eats a lot.

That is too expensive.

Not everyone has as much money as you do.


I'm not giving up hope.

Shawn was crazy about Laurie.

You look very pale.

She wants him.

Peek-a-boo, I can see you!

None of the other kids want to play with Raj.

Is that really possible?

Stepping into the carriage the princess drove to the grand entrance of the palace.

It is not evident whether the police followed the usual search procedures.


"What is the matter?" asked the Spirit. "Nothing," said Scrooge. "Nothing. There was a boy singing a Christmas Carol at my door last night. I should like to have given him something: that's all."

Okay, I lied.

What would your mother say?

I love this group.

I'll clean it up for you.

Everyone remarked on his new hairstyle.

Can you really do that?

My father was son of Argentines and my mother was daughter of Brazilians.

Dannie was touched that Dalton was worried about him.

I think you should get more rest.

We should conform to the customs of society.

There are multiple species of seagulls which vary in size.

He had words with his employer and was fired.

Baby on board. C-section next Monday.

Maybe you should call him.

I don't respond well to threats.

I can't think straight right now.

He sat reading with his wife sewing by the fire.

When was the last time you gave birth?

Jinchao is just like everyone else.

You didn't need to eat so quickly.

She's just acting disappointed.

Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.

Huashi cut it with his knife.

Judith lived in Boston for a while.

Laura died on Monday.

Holy mackerel! Is that a shark?

I'm quite hungry.

I had an umbrella with me but my friend did not.

You should not take to drinking again.

Lynnette thinks he's figured it out.


She spends every Saturday afternoon playing tennis.

Sylvan likes meeting celebrities.

Don't forget to return my pen.

Because of Linda's outstanding grades last semester, I have arranged for her to visit Europe.

Are you sure you're up to this, Rich?


He's so exhausted he can barely breathe.

Just don't tell her.

When he went up into the town all the streets were gleaming with light, and the wedding of the Princess was just about to begin.


I landed by parachute by mistake.


He went to Tokyo for the purpose of getting a new job.

I thought you could help me.

I'm happy for all of you.

My bag was stolen.

He told me to meet him at his apartment.

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The meat might be contaminated.


He jumped off the roof.


On a certain monday afternoon, a single horse carriage stopped in front of the hotel where I was staying.

I fully agree with everything Vice said.

I met with Wade today.

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I think you should stop giving Kerry money.


We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.


Isn't she a little young?

It's a problem, however you look at it.

He's a junior employee.

I never met her.

They're all barefoot.

I already have one of those.

Really, you are very good.

I fear that the clients aren't happy.

Did you let him know about our little get-together this evening?

I am not so happy.

When you make the bed, don't forget to fluff up the pillows.


I want to see the movie.

I was amazed by her quick response.

Are their wives permitted to see them?

Del failed.

Do you trust Timothy?

Eighty percent of all information on computers around the world is in English.

Can anyone help out?

What didn't you like about her?

You'll never find it.

They did not join unions or strike.

We should tell him.

Pim asked me if I knew what time the meeting was going to start.

Lisa is determined to have his way.

This is Carsten's sister.

I'm as surprised as you are.

The view is so beautiful!

This time Gunter is right.

He collected an entire bucket of water.

We saw you come in.


I sewed a badge onto my daughter's bag for her.


Chris does not appreciate how Beth lost the clock he lent her.

Let somebody else do it.

I bent over to take the pen.


I know one thing we could do that might help.


Diane and Markus had a romantic dinner to celebrate the first anniversary of their being together.

Knapper hopped in the driver seat.

There is no rest for the poor.


We find him not guilty.


Nobody called us.

This is why he didn't go to study abroad.

There comes our teacher. He is walking very slowly.

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He is strong as blood.

I know Pravin is in there.

I met them when I was thirteen.


It doesn't seem so good.

They bake good cakes.

Who crashed the party?

The river flows along the north of island.

Dan went to London with his son, Matt, and his daughter, Linda.

Siegurd reminds me of a boy I used to know.

Would you like to take the mic?

I've spent an entire hour waiting for my friend.

Don't think you won't take the punishment for what you did.

First of all, power off your cellphones and remain silent.

He has a good fastball.

You can trust Susan.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We can not carry on conversation in such a noisy room.

The clouds are getting darker and darker and it's beginning to look like it might rain.


She didn't clean the dishes.

It is bad to count all the things that you gave.

I'll never speak to Hy again.

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I had to wait until Damone was asleep.


He is a smart boy.

Carisa fired a warning shot.

We had been talking about Jim when he entered the room.


It's not my problem.

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I'm watching her.

When we are together, time seems to stand still.

I saw some of the guests leave the banquet room.

Where is the fire extinguisher?

The grownups were talking among themselves.

This is a magic broomstick.

Ruth couldn't be saved.

When can I come over?

I'm waiting for a train.

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Cats don't like getting wet.

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Is Tatoeba like Facebook?

I like dogs better than cats, because the former are more faithful than the latter.

This may have been part of the problem.

Teenagers dressed as clowns and carrying weapons were arrested outside a high school in France.

Greed is not always good.

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They were not brave at all.

I love being around Troy.

I can read Chinese fairly well, but I can't write it very well.


She wouldn't even speak to me.


I went for a walk with my son.

I see Dana.

I'm not on Klaudia's team.

Are you through yet?

We've had a lot of practice.


It was very different from what I had imagined.

I'm not willing to give this to Vistlik.

Can you come and help me do this exercise? I have been pulling my hair out for two hours and I am still stuck.