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Let's talk a bit about that.

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You have been banned from participating until further notice.

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I'm betting that was Hughes's plan.

Dan had just learned of Linda's arrest.

I'm still a teacher.

I can't agree with them on this matter.

How many hours is the flight?

Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Few people manage to live to the age of one hundred.

He didn't acknowledge defeat.

I don't want to eat sausage for lunch, because I prefer meat with potatoes.

I'm not a manager.

Bryce drinks milk every morning.

The health care secretary told the woman that she could not bring her dog inside, because pets were not allowed inside the clinic.

I haven't talked to her yet.

Where did you improve them?

I swear I will never do such a thing.

I heard you'd be staying for a couple of days.

Ravindran got into bed.

Raghu is a very dangerous man.

Make me understand.

Do you like to read Tatoeba?

How many bridges are there across the River Thames?

Stop. It's not funny.

It has been twenty years since I saw you last.


We won the battle.

He chuckled.

I wonder who this is from.

Paracelsus pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine.

Didn't you read the story?

I became angry.

Please leave now.

The cat likes sitting in the chair more than I do.

Mikael handed the picture to Laurel.


I have what you're looking for.

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She's afraid of getting sick again.

She has coffee-colored shoes.

Can I speak to you a moment?


What a terrible mistake!

We just wanted to help you.

Tony showed Louise a picture of his dog.

I wish I had noticed earlier.

The train is leaving in three minutes.

i think english is relly useful as a tool in the globalised world

No one was more surprised than me.


My son disarranged the papers on my desk.

I'm not going to be able to fly on that day.

I guess Chris didn't see me.

Let's call him Snoopy.

He signaled that I should follow him.

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This has nothing to do with that.


He's still fibrillating.


Bernard was a standup guy.


Now you will die. Isn't it beautiful?


He's very influential in the world of medicine.

We are not able to put a young boy in prison.

We wanted to help Byron.

What have you just written?

Ken will follow Sonny.


I'll go look for him.

I have great faith in you.

Whatever floats your boat.


He is two hundred pounds in weight.


He turned on the radio.

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You've got to be kidding me.


The committee was summoned at once.

May I touch this?

I'm lying in bed with a killer hangover.


After a while, corn flakes in milk will become soggy.

Through the night the windows of the giants shine, by their feet people walk amongst multicolored neons.

The sun has been shining over our country for ages.


Roberta thought everything was in order.

Ann doesn't know what happened because he wasn't there.

I did it for Raymond.

Marguerite has a decision to make.

Kirsten will know what you're talking about.

Excuse me. Can I get by here?

I think we have to tell Metin.

I had a hasty breakfast and left home.

Hein wondered why Mahesh didn't like him.


Thanks for the chocolate! I hope you enjoyed the pancakes, and I hope you had a great day as well.

Have a piece of pie.

Don't be silly. I can't do it.


I prefer white chocolate to dark chocolate.


How've ya' been lately?

I prefer to say.

I'm still learning my students' names.

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Watch this.

I don't have time to do everything that needs to be done.

Russell gave Carole the ring he'd bought for her.


"That's dangerous, I'll clear it up." "It's OK ... Ouch!" "Look, didn't I tell you so?"

I can't make it to your party next weekend.

She was very fond of walking through the great hall, where hung the portraits of her ancestors.

She looks ill.

How the hell did you get a picture of my living room?


That isn't our goal.

You're dating a Keio university student, aren't you?

"I know him well." "Oh, do you?"

Let me ask a stupid question.

I told you this was going to be dangerous.

Just a moment. Let him finish.

I've started reading novels in French.


Izchak is the team's captain.

Why is everyone so concerned about this?

This doctor is a man of culture.


If you don't look out, you will get into trouble.

I didn't get you a present.

Russell is in a fairly bad mood right now.

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In Japan it is less expensive to stay in a Business hotel.

The cake were still warm, and they all ate and drank.

Baklava are sweet pastries made from layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts.

The Christmas party won't be the same this year without Merril.

My wife likes to eat out and so she doesn't have to cook.


Rudolf's house is on the other side of the river.

I'm so thrilled to be doing this.

"I'm back." "Welcome home."

He fixed his eyes on her.

I've been watching her.

I like Russian food.

Ring the bell when you want me.

I'm feeling really close to you.

The result is that English people usually have no problem understanding what foreigners say.

They just don't care.

I grew up with him.

Susanne has lost touch with Vance.

She looked at him with hatred.

Gary is wearing a new suit.

Ken laid down his arms.

A lie, told by a sensible man, remains a lie.

Is anyone listening?

Please tell me where to go.

We are all part of the global economy.

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These articles try to present the history of the Romansh language.

If I - as young as I am - can't make it out, then how would you, old as you are, be able to?

You look like you could use some sleep.

We're glad to be here.

I'll get some ice.

I was excited.

I want you to sing me a song.

We're going to take our chances.

We're anticipating more charges.


I haven't talked to Pitawas about this yet.

I still believe in love.

She is expecting a child.


This can't be the way to do it.

"You're lying!" "No, I'm not."

That makes no difference.


We haven't seen each other since then.


This vine winds around trees.

Hungarian is my native language.

He opposes this initiative.

We just want to know whether Timothy is coming or not.

I have a full program today.

I just want Shari to love me.

I'm sorry, but I have to go to the gym.

Children should always mix their wine, with at least two-thirds water.

I was hoping Taurus would come here today.

I want some answers.

Raja got used to working with George.

And why shouldn't we admit that pleasure of every kind is an important goal in life?

Hmph, Yayoi's navigation was difficult to follow so we ended up going round and round the same places.

They were gone.

Mother often makes me go shopping at the supermarket.


She wants to be popular.