These kids are always restless.

Now pay attention.

I will ask him about it tomorrow, then.

I'm never as happy as when I'm alone.

Why do you think Ravindranath is stupid?

You should incubate your bacterial culture at 37 degrees.

Do you have today's paper?

This neighborhood is very scary.

Mr. Charles Baskerville gave this family paper to me.

Christie hasn't yet read the report you wrote.

You are not as rich as that man.

We're beginning to understand better.

I didn't know it was snowing.

I remember doing that.

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Do you guys want to walk?

I need to speak to Mahesh alone.

I didn't translate a single sentence.


See that all the items are arranged in a row.


Dan struggled to pay his bills.

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The president shall be selected by majority vote.


We're going to help him.

He must stay in the hospital for a week.

He is quite at home with computers.


The agreement was a product of compromise between the two governments.

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Liz is a little fat.

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She has been ill for a long time and she is still too weak to get about.

Can you help me decide what to do?

I'm finally where I want to be.


I'm almost certain that Kees will get into the university that he wants.

I'm glad to hear you're happy in Boston.

I'll use it a bit this evening, and try my best to give it back to you tomorrow.

Diana came over for dinner yesterday evening.

He did not like her manner of speech.

It is forbidden to smoke on school premises.

Sometimes, life is so unfair.

Starbuck is watching a movie.

Rees smokes like a chimney.

Please charge this to my account.

My brother likes horror movies.

Children, listen!

The old man was sitting on a bench.

My faith in the next generation is increasing.

Gideon put his house up for sale.

Have you heard about him?

Many fine minds have no use for literature. In pitiful blindness, they say, "It's not real."

Let's assume it happened exactly as Johnnie says it did.

This is an old device.

You'll have to jack up the car.

I think Sherman is still in Boston.


Valentin is my best friend. We do almost everything together.

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We will take a rest soon.

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Worrying deprived him of sleep.

You should practice the violin every day.

I didn't understand what she was talking about.

In the case of Mr A there is no excuse.

I think Blayne did that on purpose.

The teacher talked on and on.

You can't give up on Marguerite.


Brooke will come at 2:30.

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Meg colored the picture.

I don't believe this is true.

I can't believe no one died.


I'll make you happy.

I wish I had an answer.

After a life-or-death experience, some people claim that they have found new takes on life.

I'm not a particularly suspicious-looking person.

Shutoku doesn't want to study French.

On his shirt there was a sauce stain.

Why does that surprise you?

I'm glad to see that you're happy.

If I had 25% more income, I'd be more satisfied with my life.


Who hit her?


I wish to revisit England before I get too old.

Mom, I have not taken my medicine.

What does an airship look like?

We both know Jianyun is innocent.

Pontus didn't dare tell anyone.

Pick food that are less in oil, sugar, salt and foods with high fibre.

In my hurry I bumped into someone.


What makes you think I'd lose?

I put on my socks before you could say "Jack Robinson"

Men tend to exaggerate their number of sexual partners.

That's the house I stayed in.

He put the phone down in haste.

The name of the game is "Find ten differences".

Dan and Linda met on Christman.

I'll be really careful.

We'll see.

It could always be worse.

His Hebrew was more advanced than hers.

I'll let you stay one night.

Some neighbors are very noisy.

You leave because of me.

Is it too late to change my mind?

My dog is blind, but he loves to go out for a walk.

I can tell you things you won't hear from anyone else.

Why do you need so many clothes?

She wore a green dress.

Angela was home alone.

People walk naturally.

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I spoke with Lou earlier today.

I would like to ask a favor of you.

Tonight would be better.

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I can't die here.

We've been given a second chance.

She pissed in the vase of flowers and traipsed off.

Get an egg from the refrigerator.

I said "Stop!"

I can't imagine a world without you.

His praise of Italian wine at the French winemakers' convention really set the cat among the pigeons.

Please give up smoking.

I don't think they allow that.

I live nearby.

Real threw Jos out of the bar.

Griff certainly wasn't crying when we left his house.

Oh brother sky I take a step forward.


The medical examiner determined that the woman's body had been there for at least three days.

The guys in my department are so nice.

What's the final count?

Do you still miss Isabelle?

I have dinner with Taninna almost every day.

Rusty's unflappable, even under great pressure.

Christofer is an American citizen.

Get your hair cut.

Pratap had never had that problem before.

We can't tow this car.

You need to be more careful next time.


Becky gets up at six every morning.

Man, you're drunk.

Her voice was soft and beautiful.


Something's always wrong.

Beyond that, I told Ritchey nothing.

Claude can't have said such a thing.

We must follow the rules.

So late as 1610, Galileo, a Florentine, discovered and introduced the use of telescopes, and by applying them to observe the motions and appearances of the heavenly bodies, afforded additional means for ascertaining the true structure of the universe.

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We don't like cheese.

Her smile made her look even more beautiful.

Bert decided never to see him any more.

Murray isn't hard to find.

I've never slept better.

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You really made me proud.

List has done a good job for us.

Tell her that I am having a nap.

Brent is a killer.

Today, I saw a woman in pink crocs and I believe that that is the best contraceptive I have ever seen.


Pierce is a good communicator.

She has to live on the pension.

He was born to be an editor.

You're very pretty.

She always thought she could get out of it.


No one listened to me.

M-my goodness!? Cover-up! Cover yourself up!

Murph has lived in Boston since last summer.

The surest way to prevent war is not to fear it.

I haven't eaten anything except one slice of bread all day.

I dream of a quiet life in the country.

Do you believe in extraterrestrials?

We mustn't waste our energy stocks.

Go and see for yourself what has happened.

He rose from office boy to manager of the company.

I think that my mother is the perfect housewife.


He left for America the day before yesterday.

You should've stayed away.

The tall man is handsome.


She will be able to swim in a week.


A room for two with bath, please.

My parents always compare me to my older sister.

May I see your identification?

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Piete put on an apron.