It's the sort of work that calls for a high level of concentration.

William is as incompetent as Sugih.

I always rely on him in case there's a problem.

It is said that she is ill.

The sky is big.

We can't afford to keep a horse.


Where are you going on holiday?


I'm glad it works for you.


We've got a big job to do.

What do you suppose Kenn wants?

The stars blinked in the silent night.


Maths. Homework's about derivatives, but I really can't seem to cope with it.

What would you do in a situation like this, Lorien?

It's exactly half-past eight.


This ticket is good for two weeks.


This made me cry.

I think it's time for me to get a new pair of glasses.

I still don't understand why you'd want to do that.

In any case why was it only mine that had a line in the LCD?

I'm going to read some other books.

I suppose that's OK.

We'd better humor her.

I read this in Cosmo.

The bread is not fresh.

In my opinion, lack of a mission makes one's life vane.

Would it be OK if I gave Jim this old suitcase?


I think Charles is good-looking.


Did Kyu leave something here for me?

You'll miss her.

I don't like that house that he lives in.

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Do you love your country?

I have been down with a headache.

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.


What can you tell us?


Let's eat now. I'm dying of hunger.


Someone should do something about this.


Huashi demanded more information.

Where was skiing invented?

Have you found him yet?

Sanjib grew up in a multilingual environment.

Would you please come with me?


They tried very hard to gain an advantage over one another.

How about consulting a doctor and getting sedatives prescribed?

Why are you being so secretive?

Who stole the apples?

Don't sugar your tea.

Franklin has a beautiful smile.

He entered my room without permission.

I hope the weather will clear up on Sunday.

I told Renu the truth.

Ping is wearing long johns.

Coffee comes after the meal.


I thought chances of Stu not noticing what Samuel was doing were pretty slim.

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Statesmen should take account of public opinion.

This book deals with anthropology.

I cannot speak English, much less Spanish.

I don't understand that.

The boy considered the dolphin his best friend.

My life is better without her.

What I have to tell you is very important.

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I'll find Toufic for you.

Travis wants a divorce.

My grandfather was a farmer.

I've lost all the contacts from my address book.

Finally, it was time to sign the Constitution.

He's a good guy.

A drop of sweat ran down his back.

Let's carry on the discussion.

This might be a mistake.

Sally grabbed Irwin by the arm.

Panacea can't take less.

Jochen looked like a volcano about to erupt.

Kent moved to Boston in 2013.

I can't agree with you on that point.

I never really liked them.


There's volcanic ash in the atmosphere.

I don't think you heard me the first time.

It makes us feel safe.


Currently, Glen lives in Boston.

She is a well-mannered girl.

I would've let them do it.

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Ramneek forced Tharen to do it.

Johnny desperately warned the fisherman not to go fishing on such a bad weather.

Don't spend so much time watching television.

Malloy was in a traffic accident.

The relaxing sounds will carry you away.


Jussi says he doesn't have enough time.


I'm so glad we were able to meet you.

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You'd better call the doctor.

Marlena's truck is parked over there.

He loved her very much.

Mum, why don't you have Dad's study cleaned by him?

It's raining cats and dogs tonight.

I spent the morning trying to figure out what to do.

Let's have a little fun.


He is obsequious to the higher ups and arrogant towards his underlings.

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Ning hasn't called me.

The typhoon prevented us from returning to Tokyo.

I'm very good with numbers.


Lars thought that Kay was having money problems.


The band is excellent.


There's nothing much to tell.

Don't ever speak to me again.

Look at the cloud, how it cries like a grieving manThunder moans like a lover with a broken heart.Now and then the sun peeks from behind the cloudsLike a prisoner hiding from the guard.


What year are you in school?

The Moon is cossacks' Sun.

I am fond of reading.

You've been robbed.

The time would fail me if I were to recite all the big names in history whose exploits are perfectly irrational and even shocking to the business mind.

You may have whatever book you want to read.

I want you to be my wife.

Do I need dentures?

Do come in, please.

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When did this occur?

May I interrupt?

Sam wanted to lose five pounds before summer vacation.


They have decided to stick to the original plan after all.

"What's wrong?" "The speakers aren't working well."

I think Win is likable.

"Can I get you a beer?" "Do you have anything stronger?"

We can talk for hours and it never gets dull.


We heard her cry.

Ernie is wearing a wind jacket.

If at first you don't succeed, give up.

Gypsy stayed in Boston over a month.

What should we do about her?

Roger Federer is one of the few tennis players to have both delivered and suffered a crushing defeat in a Grand Slam final. He double-bagelled Lleyton Hewitt in the 2004 US Open final and himself got bagelled and breadsticked by Rafael Nadal in the 2008 French Open final.

Leading a fulfilling life really comes down to a simple question: When you turn off the lights at night and your head is on the pillow, what do you hear? Your soul singing or Satan laughing?

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Stacey learned that the hard way.

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In short, all died out.

Gil was taking a snooze.

We're not kids anymore, are we?


I'm doing exactly what you told me to do.


Germany isn't Kurdistan.

Ofer wanted a meeting with us.

Vance has been acquitted of manslaughter.

Did someone tell you that?

In the first place we have to decide on the name.


Wolfgang stopped talking when Phil walked into the room.


It's a godsend.

Marsh told me what time the meeting started.

The giant weta is endemic to New Zealand.

This is a bird sanctuary.

Romain doesn't usually wear a tie.

I must've told you that a hundred times already.

Any mushroom can be eaten, but some only once.

Let's get serious.

Kathryn loves stoats more than anything except his dear Murray.

Alain is the richest man in the universe.

Honestly, I've only had one advantage over most of the others, and that is that I've been good in constantly improving myself.

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I told Kemal about my past.


Some people are nicer than others.

He knows Mr. Davidson well.

Yesterday I walked to the park.

There are a number of movie theaters in this city.

Jack and Betty have been going steady for a month.


Death before dishonor!

Harvey is watering his garden.

I'll raise you.