What's Tony doing?

A man of reason could answer the question.

He has a great body.

Darin supplied Marc with valuable information.

Like bullets smashing glass in a silent movie.

Guy gave me a job.

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What are you talking about, Kyung?

In its broadest sense communication includes all forms of transmitting thoughts or feelings between people.

I am still waiting to be told what happened.

The economy of the country kept growing for years.

I've eaten already.


No one likes to hear their work criticised.

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From then on, he made it a rule to put T-shirts only on mammals.

Fortunately we are no longer young.

He welshed on his gambling debt.

Janet always lets me use her typewriter.

Be quiet and go to your room!

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Gerard could help us.

There's nothing any of us can do for Ginny now except let him die with dignity.

This pizza has a thin crust.

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This river is two hundred kilometers long.


He has one son and two daughters.


We really are hungry.

This train is made up of seven cars.

That way of talking is typical of him.

The next flight is at 10:00.

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

"123456" is a frequently-used password.

It's really easy for me to speak Japanese.

He translated promise into actions.

Sue doesn't go fishing as much as he used to.


I did not have the time these days to publish it.

In Japan people come of age when they are 20 years old.

Following the docking failure of an unmanned Russian freighter to the International Space Station, its partners are considering a temporary mothballing of the station.


I'm learning the Basque language.

The new company rule was unfair to older workers.

He began to talk to the dog.

Here come some more people.

Vladislav does have a point.


John and I are old friends.

Sharada struggles with this concept.

Look what happened to him.

This size is too large for me.

The police found two crushed mobile phones in a trash can near the site of the killings and are attempting to exploit the data contained in them.

Obviously, Sho didn't want to go.

What do you mean by Human?

I tried to forget.

They shoot horses, don't they?

Don't try to reason with people like Axel.

We didn't need to take those risks.

Let's hurry so that we can catch the bus.

We'll be right out.


It always takes time to get used to a new place.

Teresa and Lana were standing just outside the door, whispering to each other.

We love each other.

I thought we could help Guillermo.

Just you be careful.

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Do you have any idea where Herve might be waiting?

It is bold of you to say such a thing.

Rees is quite ambitious.

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Jacques is kind of needy.

I really like it when you say my name.

May I see your birth certificate?

Rabin needs some help.

Go tell him that.


I've always hated this place.

Anyone at any age can learn Esperanto.

Yes, I have insurance.

Myron began coughing up blood.

Yutaka has two elder brothers.


I thought I might be able to help.

I don't understand this confusing grammar question.

Can't you get in touch with Meehan?


Kelvin isn't my father.

I didn't mean to snap at you.

I gave him your address.

I'm a single child.

Why don't we do some fishing?

Mikey didn't get anything done today.

As soon as you have done that, I would like you to start preparing supper.

Janice grew up in a foster home.

I read a book of adventure stories.

They are different in degree but not in kind.

You must do your homework at once.

Lenora isn't autistic.

Emily said that somebody here needed help.


What could be causing it?

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I can't prove it, but I'm sure he was murdered.

We had nothing to lose.

Kent'll help.


He was charged with a secret mission.

I like strawberries very much.

Leith canceled lunch with me today.

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Because an average person doesn't need 3D, or high whatchacallit speeds.

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The sign says that the police will take your car away if you park it here.

We should sort the students' names alphabetically.

You're not paying attention!

He won a bronze medal.

You think you can make it to the table?


Clyde told us not to park in front of his house.

I need to talk to her now.

The cat will scratch you if you provoke it.

They slowed down.

Do you feel sick?

My dress is ruined!

I am going to eat an evening meal with a friend.


This tank can shoot on the move.


This book is full of dirty jokes.

Roses have thorns on their stems.

There is little to do.

At the end of the first half Real Madrid were in the lead, but Chelsea won in the end.

Our English teacher is both strict and kind.

What more do you want, Bjorne?

The question is what are you going to do.

Is Ted still working here?

She gave him all the money that she had.

The family moved from their native Germany to Chicago around the year 1830.

Did we actually do that?

Manjeri is still just a baby.

I woke up at four o'clock.

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Education is a gateway to success.

My dad likes Lego Technic.

I was unable to effect any change in his way of thinking.

Lee set his beer down.

The city is notorious for its polluted air.

I like the short snout of boxers.

Bonnie wouldn't stop badgering me.

The glasses are in the glass cupboards.

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Father bought me a bicycle.

I was looking forward to seeing a scenic view of Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately it was completely hidden behind clouds.

We'll be up late tonight.

You two make such an attractive couple.

You'll be entirely on your own.


She stopped receiving a pension after she was caught committing fraud.


Lorien was struck by lightning.

Racism and homophobia are still major problems in professional football.

She has a great interest in house keeping.

We are people.

I happen to agree with him.


It's quite absurd of you to tell her that sort of thing.


25 is a natural number.

I asked him if he knew her address.

Since I'm off duty today, let's go to the coast.

This theory is too difficult for me to comprehend.

She gave a cry of pain.

It wasn't Greg's first time to drive a sports car.

Juergen is going to get killed if he's not careful.


For better or worse, she will have the operation tomorrow.

Try and calm down.

I agree with you that the actor is very talented.

What's your favorite computer game?

Her daughter is sick.

We'd better warn the others.

I can't drink coffee as sweet as this.


But now I live in Tokyo.


That is a Japanese doll.

I didn't have time to change.

I need to understand the meaning of this sentence.


I've never seen you like this.

The village I live in is very small.

I want to get lost in Eastern Europe.

I like your cat, but she doesn't like me.

"This is my fault." "No, it isn't."


She's a very earnest person.