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newtositeStevenson Learning Skills is the company that publishes the Stevenson Language Skills Program, Stevenson’s Essential Grammar, Stevenson’s Cursive Writing and other materials for teaching basic skills to both regular and learning disabled students. Our methods are unusual and innovative. We use established techniques like mnemonics (memory aids) and multisensory instruction in imaginative new ways. frequentThe materials accommodate common problems such as dyslexia, attention deficits, phonological processing difficulties, memory weakness and sequencing confusion.

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Stevenson Reading: An innovative approach…

sandwichImages such as the sandwich you see here are used as memory aids that create associations which students learn quickly and retain for the long term.

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The “oa” Friends in Action

Animated learning activity. Students can use this interactive instruction and reinforcement for the oa vowel pattern (Integral 6) and oa words.



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