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  Quick & easy guidance to attract more wealth and wellness from the founder of pyravastu. Proven Techniques to correct vastu and Feng shui defects without physical altering or shifting.

Business & Money, Meditation & Reiki, Love & Harmony, Luck & Fame, Health & Energy, Knowledge & Career, Protection & Fortune & lots more. It can bring new peace, prosperity & happiness in your life. Pyravastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra.

It utilize our own hidden capabilities to achieve better tomorrow. It discover quick and easy ways to control and use the world’s oldest success tool. This genuine knowledge can help you turn your dreams into reality-at home, office or factory.
  “Discover how the ancient powers of the universe can attract more wealth and wellness!”  
  Book Available in Hindi | English | organizational | Marathi | Kannad | (787) 835-8319 | Telgu | 740-491-1153 4802441206  
  Also, Book is Available in English In 603-531-2227 Format. (305) 866-9872  
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  Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt is a brilliant bio-energy scientist and founder of Pyramid Yantra and

Dr. Dhara Bhatt is a homeopath who has assisted him in all his research since she was a child. This father and daughter team have put forward dozens of new principles of Pynergy and Pyramid Vastu. She unfolds to you the so called ‘mystrious’ working of pynergy. According to her any mystery is just a lack of knowledge. Let us explore it!
  Power of Yantra

Yantra are the multidimensional forms, precisely composed to harmonise ourselves with our desire to achieve optimum results

This revolutionary concept of Dr. Bhatt has out-right changed my thinking and flourished by fame and prosperity beyond my imagination.
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