He ran off with his best friend's wife and hasn't been heard from since.

She has an extraordinary ability in music.


He ran the risk of being caught and imprisoned.

I've known her for 13 years.

Have a cup of milk. It will do you good.

Tell them thanks but no thanks.

It was interesting seeing how the speakers expressed various kinds of emotions while they were speaking.


Barbara greeted everyone.

Do you think she will like that?

We have to distinguish right from wrong.

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We will evaluate them and send you the results of our findings as soon as we can.


You ask questions, that are unanswerable.

I wonder who wrote this note.

I'll come to your house.

I bought a new t-shirt yesterday.

Kate denied having beaten his children.


I'd like you to send me your Lingala book.

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Vincenzo paid no attention to what The said.

The fool laments that which he has lost and values not that which he still has.

My mother almost never complains.

This dam dwarfs even the Hoover dam.

Can't this problem be solved?

Rodent has to give Subra something.

Do you know Ken personally?

I need a vacation tonight.

He got full marks in English.


I don't exactly know what's happening.

Vick doesn't like maths.

Leo was not far from me.

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Do you know where Tor is or don't you?


Lots of religious songs in Ladino are translations from Hebrew.


Very good!


He flatters himself that he is the best speaker of English.

Sekar brought Brandi her lunch.

Jump down.

By the way, which language did you learn?

I've got a meeting at 2:30.

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Mark was screaming in pain.

I honestly really like it here.

She was not jealous.

She was in the hospital for six weeks because of her illness.

It's a drama where you can enjoy the delicate workings of a woman's mind.


I hate it when they do that.

Honestly, I am not the most accurate person on earth.

Vijay isn't interested in anything Hank has to say.


Would that be possible?


Do you want me to believe that?

What is it you have in mind?

Edgar got his revenge.

The frost has melted, the sun is shining, it promises to be a beautiful day.

I'm not going to see anybody else.


Not everyone is smiling.


We don't have to go right now.

Wild animals live in forests.

He loved her, but she didn't love him.

Jim resembles his father.

Tait knitted Malcolm a sweater for his birthday.

When I was a kid, I went to Boston every summer.

Chip still drinks, but not as much as he used to.

I've been saving this bottle of wine for a special occasion.

I was hoping you might be able to tell me where Claudio is.

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Julian was supposed to go to Boston.

Plans are under way to build a new city hospital.

I know it's not Ti's fault.


They went to bed late.

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David escaped with the briefcase.

Byron can't afford this place by himself. That's why he has a roommate.

I tried everything to keep him alive.


We need time to prepare the list.


I don't say it without reason.

There's a delightful park in the center of town.

Have you eaten breakfast yet?

The kettle must be boiling.

I was there when Rhonda died.


That might not even be him.

Next, I'd like to sing a song I wrote.

Don't wait dinner for me.

Don't laugh!

That's a horrible idea.

The food is too spicy for me.

Now let's get some sleep.

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Don't ask questions that you don't want to know the answer to.

Of all these books, this is by far the best on China.

That made a huge difference.

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He's swimming now.


That was wicked of him.

Don't sleep with the light left on.

Kikki didn't tell anyone else who he was.

Antonio and his family have just moved to Boston.

We have one last chance.


It's common knowledge that you don't like Allen.

Dori accidentally cut himself with his new knife.

No boy in the class is as tall as Bill.


She would make me a fine wife.

Don't leave us.

Here are the keys.


Do you two already know each other?

I have a red home.

They came here yesterday.


He works for a newspaper with a large circulation.

Jisheng loves to run.

Drops of water glistened on the leaves of the tree after the brief downpour.

You are a feast for my eyes.

Julia's dream is to live in the mountains.

Did Shaw find the person he was looking for?

I practice early rising.

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Susan wished that Monica hadn't overheard John and him talking about her.

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You can't get rid of me.


We discussed the topic at length.

The boss had to advance him some money.

The army was advancing in the wrong direction.


Jun and Barry are in the office waiting.

I asked them to close the door.

That's a table.

I'm fed up with it!

I asked Olivier to proofread my report.

Can you operate a manual transmission?

He's my age.

They're unconscious.

I don't know how to say how sorry I really am.

It's a tough place to be.

Why couldn't you tell us that before?

They were all strong men.

Enter the delivery address.


I'd like an 80-yen stamp, please.

I'll never listen to them again.

Marci picked up a rock and threw it.


It's my turn to take out the trash.

Don't make me hit you.

The fog began to disappear around ten o'clock.

I was surprised that Tarmi spoke French so well.

I want to be an artist.

He is in harmony with all his classmates.

She sees herself as the center of the universe.


I'll be back in a minute.

By the summer of 1920, the Red Scare was over.

This is a very serious issue.

The police can't find a single person who remembers seeing you where you said you were on the night of the murder.

Put in a little more sugar.

I need you to tell me what you know about what happened.

We're defenseless.

You've stalled the engine.

You've got seniority.

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Will anybody be at the station to meet me?

Teach me how it's done.

She fell into a deep sleep.


He who looks from outside through an open window doesn't see anywhere as much as he who looks through a closed window.


Cobbler, keep to thy last!


I spent the summer vacation at my aunt's house.


I didn't need his help.


You can't swim well, can you?

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

I decorated one.

Jayant is a Baby Boomer.

I understand his anger.

Just get out of the way, will you?

I think she likes me.