Why LGBT+ inclusive Curriculum?

  • EQUITY. For LGBT+ youth, learning the history of LGBT+ people shows they are not alone and that others like them have played a vital role in our nation and world.
  • INCLUSION. For non-LGBT+ identifying youth, learning a more accurate and inclusive history develops an appreciation of human diversity – which in turn creates safer, healthier schools.
  • IMPACT. A history that includes LGBT+ people means that everyone can see themselves in the leaders of the past, which empowers all and creates a rising generation of safer, healthier, more productive students that see everyone as worth understanding and knowing.
  • We strive to represent and respect all identities in everything we do. The use of LGBT+ reflects the rapidly expanding language associated with our work as an education 501(c)3 non-profit organization. LGBT+ includes, in addition to the enumerated LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans), queer, non-binary, intersex, and more.

About Us

Our work, why we do it, and how you can get involved

Educator Resources

We develop high-quality LGBT+-focused resources to help teachers present a more well-rounded reflection of the history that has shaped laws, policies, and today’s cultural practices.
A New Method

A New Method

HUE’s Inquiry EduSystem™ and strategies for infusion give educators the tools to help students critically examine LGBT+ history within a broader historical context.
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Teacher Enrichment

Teacher Enrichment

We provide K-12 educators with a variety of professional services: on site trainings, UnErased! Webinars, online training, and district conferences.
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Core Values

We Believe that a great teacher changes a student’s life forever, that today’s youth deserve an inclusive history, and that the right stories create a harmonious world.
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Surveys & Stats

Despite undeniable advancements for LGBT+ equality, the statistics relating to LGBT+ youth and risk behaviors, homelessness, and dropout rates are worsening.

Important Note

HUE’s mission impacts us all: students, parents, educators, and each and every member of our community. And we have a special message from HUE to each of you.

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Online Trainings

Join our weekly 20-30 minute webinars that introduce methods and strategies to introduce LGBT-inclusive content.

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