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Can you hold things down?

I don't know what you're talking about!

We don't forget.

One must help friends in times of such need.

The statue of Hachiko, the faithful dog, stands in front of Shibuya Station.


Micah is very famous.

We need the rain.

I liked the present a lot!


A reward has been offered for information pertaining to the incident.

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I wish Hugh could've been with us today.

Forgive everyone, forget nothing.

Dan wants Linda back.

This must never happen again.

My hair is naturally curly.

Where are the toilets?

What's on the menu tonight?

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We're on Interstate 11.

He spends all his time chatting online on Jabber.

She received a parcel.

One needs to buy a house that's within one's means, but one also needs to grasp an opportunity.

Clarissa has talent.

This cloth sticks to your skin.

Have you ever been in Turkey?

Sergeant said you wouldn't let him in.

What I need is a little more time.

The culture of the Chinese zodiac is deeply rooted in people's lives, language and literature.

Honzo is much fatter than he used to be.

Wait five minutes, please.

She wears flamboyant clothes to draw attention.

She refused to do what they wanted.

Where was the black cat?

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Where's Duane going with Marek?

Currently Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world.

What is Lisa trying to say?


Trying to spot bodies in the middle of a vast ocean is a mammoth task.

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You haven't told me your name.

He is a thief.

How many people are in your family?

We've already done it three times.

I never wanted any of this to happen.

It works both ways.

She is losing blood.

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I thought Jenine found them.

Where do you have pain?

Nobody seems to know where Jean is.

We need to tell Marnix what happened.

They won't speak to you.


They lived very well without working very hard.

The winner hasn't yet been announced.

Don't throw away a good opportunity.


She listened very carefully when I praised her son.

She has put on weight recently.

He had a brainstorm when he invented that machine!

I know he likes me.

I'm going up to the bar for a drink, and I suggest you do the same.


Jochen is a volunteer fireman.

Bet you thought we were all done talking about the lesson?

Do you want to take Olaf's place or not?

It'll get worse.

A gang of thieves broke into the bank.

I will do everything in my power.

I'm waiting for the train.

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Panacea failed horribly.


They are eating just now.


Could I see you for a moment?

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He found the school without difficulty.

The mouse is under the floor.

I informed him of the result.

You deserve more.

I want you to go with Cris.

I figured it couldn't hurt.

My home town is adjacent to the ocean.

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Raja chased after Mahmoud.

It weighed about 14 kilograms.

Marcos eventually resigned.

No one called the police.

He was seething with anger.

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I feel much better already.

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No one is expendable.

Ramon tapped his foot nervously.

Julianto remained in England ever since.

Jones doesn't understand me.

I have to get to sleep! I've got classes tomorrow.

Thank you for coming all the way in this rain.

Juliet talked to Romeo on the balcony, who was outside.


Cathy asked a long string of questions.


To rule a country is not an easy task.

I don't think you have a choice.

No one knows their name.


Courtney moved to San Diego.

As always, he got up early in the morning and went jogging.

The white ball weighs as much as the red ball.

I can't believe that spider is still there.

This is obscene.

You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works.

No, it cannot be true.

He approached the door.

Try to catch me.

Only a fool doesn't fear the sea.

Lucifer gave List a hug.

He never breaks his habit.

I got no answer.

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It's nothing personal.

The odds are in his favor.

Traffic is a major urban problem.

It was pure chaos.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

It happened fast.

They lived in the land of Cockaigne.

He is very much interested in biology.

We all quit.

Hold onto your husband.

I think it's time for me to confront that problem.


I wish you a good trip.


I'll give you a laptop.

It is said that he also invented concrete.

Maybe Vicki was just trying to help you.


I tried to reason with Ben.

I left school early.

This water is deep.

You can't give up trying.

Violence has increased in recent years.


I'm texting them.

Nadeem took a picture of himself flexing his abs in front of the mirror.

You should call them right now.

My home, what could be better?

We will never fall in love again.

The busy road is a danger to small children.

This city is not for me.

I thought you were coming with us.

The identity of the boy who had been missing was verified by the clothes he was wearing.

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I bet you're wondering how this works.

There's still other business to attend to.

Vijay didn't think that movie was interesting.

How much money do you need?

Take a sip of this.


This pizza is really quite good.

I wrote this book.

You think that the language that you want to learn will be the "language of the future"?

The teacher wrote something on the blackboard in a language I didn't know.

I'm not guilty.

Tagalog is a more sensual language than English.

I don't think Srinivasan would do that.

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We need a car.


I made them very angry.

I'm less famous.

Don't start something you can't finish.

Of course, I'll help.

I'm going to miss all of you when I move to Boston.

A good programmer will influence everyone around him.

His behaviour was bad.

We went back to the hotel.

You have mail.

I just know that I don't want to be married to you.

She didn't even try to help.

The bus can carry a maximum of forty people.

I want to bring them here.

It's harder than it looks.

My father never looked down on the poor.

We had a picnic in the backyard.

Ilya goes to bed after midnight.

I'm not about to marry Suzie.

I know what Barney is going through.


It's raining today. Where is my umbrella?

Death is just around the corner and you can't walk away.

I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life!

I believe the truth of her remark.

Vick certainly knows a lot of French.