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But I was careful.

Don't talk about her like that.

Men usually wear black suits and black ties to funerals.

Even my parents don't like me.

Conrad's older than me.

Deb tried the coat on.

Little Venusian politely asks for the toilet.

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She is a Hollywood star.


It's important that we remember that.

I should get him home.

I can't agree with her.

No suicide note was found.

Jem didn't want to go to college.

I write letters that I never send.

Magnus has been putting on weight recently.

Sharada and Vilhelm were speaking loud enough for John to overhear them.

It may well be that you're right.

Jeannette drank heavily in his youth, but is now a teetotaller.

It's difficult to breathe when humidity is high.

Lar still hasn't found what he's looking for.

I am familiar with his music.

I have a feeling that something big is about to happen.

Everett didn't recognize Nils.

That might not even be Alastair.

Is that what you're going to do?

My washing machine makes one hell of a racket.

Tell us exactly what happened.

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Come to the end of one's devil's luck.


He said, "I felt ill, but I am all right."

These shoes fit perfectly.

Luckily, when Moran dropped his eyeglasses, his lenses weren't scratched.


"Listen", he said, "your wife, my sister, is safe."

Let's go find the Jacksons.

Animals were injected with the various doses.

When he came home, I was watching TV.

Cynthia tried to disguise his voice.

We'll take care of her.

It's exactly the opposite which is true: there is nothing after death, except eternity on earth.

We all have secrets.

The air pollution is worse in Tokyo than in New York.

My mother objected to my traveling alone.

Would you be so kind as to shut that window?

The church sits on the outskirts of town.

I went all over her curves, all night, without wearying.

The group disbanded.

What should we sing?

This car was so cheap that he could buy it.

What would Alvin do if he found out?

Am I safe now?

Joel is trying to pick the lock.


King is a Luddite.


Many men, many minds.

Andrew doesn't speak French properly.

He will not have given you anything.

Some of the tariffs were as high as sixty percent.

Vic doesn't act like the typical college professor.


What've you done to Nadeem?


The fish can swim.


I like it more and more.


I'm not doing that.


Black holes were once massive stars that used up all their fuel. As they died out, they collapsed inward due to the pull of their own gravity.

I'm afraid we're quite full at the moment.

The company presented a three-act play.

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Excuse me, may I have a spoon?

Like I told you yesterday, I'm too busy to help.

I would rather go out than stay at home.


How does Edgar intend to do that?

He had a nervous breakdown.

We're not going to hurt you.

I got up an hour earlier than I usually do.

I have to memorize a lot of passwords.

Are you generous?

I haven't seen anything.

When you want cooperation, share the responsibility.

Nobody saw me steal the book.


Delbert has asked Darryl to marry him.


Why didn't you go to Germany?

Let's go for a spin around the park.

He worked as a diplomat for many years.

With that big nose, he finishes the air around.

Heather really wants to go.

I did this for Jesus.

I'm sure Shirley wouldn't mind.


I used to watch TV three or four hours a day.

A herd of friesian cattle graze in a field in British countryside.

I'm a real cop.

It's no use trying to persuade the boy.

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I buy the tickets.

The policeman let him off with a warning.

Has anyone heard from her?

I am wholly in agreement with you.

I can't breathe!


I-Is that OK? Calling you by your first name...

The city is small.

Mr. White is in charge of our class.

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The program should have started by now, so we'll probably miss the first half.

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I'm afraid to ask what that is.

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I know it's kind of late, but would you mind if I came over now? I have something I need to discuss with you.

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She started screaming, and I ran away.

I had a good holiday.

He can invest a million yen in stocks.


Milner tried to solve the problem, but couldn't.

The doctor who treated Pedro should be sued for malpractice.

He was taken to the United States for trial.

Neil can be contacted directly.

Instead of going to the party, why don't we just hang out at my place.

Go ahead with your story.

The lord held absolute power over his subjects.


I'm sure about his name.


Terrence left just after 2:30.


The cat likes sitting in the chair more than I do.

I doubt if Bob will come on time.

Some wise man has said life consists of one disappointment after another.

Norman loves the nostalgia of listening to hit songs from his youth.

You shall receive two certificates of achievement.

I drink alcohol.

She's new in town as of this semester.

What was Spass doing when you saw him?

This agreement is binding on all parties.

Your skin is artificially blue as is your hair.

Run, or else you'll be late.

I think he will soon catch up with us.

Naoto hasn't yet moved out of his apartment.


Keep an eye on it.

Were you in an accident?

I haven't seen Stan this happy in a long time.


Stay the hell away from him!

It was a bad movie.

Do all you can in order to answer.

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Let's try to make the call once more.


Push this button in case of fire!

I'd like to cancel my ticket.

I want to do it again.


We didn't see a single house for five miles there.


I got married and had children.

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Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Keith just showed up.

I will study.

He is busy preparing for the examination.

She wasn't sick.

Pitawas can barely walk.

He's going to show them the documents.

He is as happy as a king.

Why are you so disappointed?

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Where did you meet your wife?

That's painfully true.

Tell me your version of the events.

We've got a witness.

I don't remember the exact date.

Most anime characters have large eyes.

I hope Jones goes home soon.

Alex will get well very soon.

When was the last time you had a bath?

Have you fired Brett?

Mommy, may I go swimming?

We're not going to do anything crazy.

As we spend a lot of time watching T.V., we will read fewer books.

I agreed to meet Omar in front of the station.

Maybe you should make brochures for Interlingua and distribute them.


The mind needs exercise as well as the body.

Did you sue him?

This song is beautiful when you sing it.

Fay is a man you can rely on.

I get a kick out of her cheerful personality.