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Software development; automated testing and performance testing; DevOps; solutions architecture; broadcast engineering and file-based media workflows

DevOps The backbone of DevOps is automation; we are familiar with the requirements of automation-driven infrastructure by using configuration management tools like Puppet, Ansible, and Salt. We also leverage Kubernetes for scale-out container-driven architectures or Virtualisation depending on the nature of the project. Continuous Integration and Deployment are all concepts that we enforce in a DevOps environment using tools like Jenkins.

Media systems engineering Peak Signal are expert media technologists.  Our team set the standard for Broadcast engineering and have specified and integrated MAM and media transform solutions; Playout and encoding systems; Production and post-production systems; DVB contribution and distribution systems and OTT and Streaming platforms.

Messaging and Data Interchange Integrating disparate services and vendor products is a large part of any enterprise and we are skilled at building fast and extensible message buses for both event- and task-based systems, such as RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka. As part of this work we often write adapters to many protocols such as SOAP and REST and common formats like JSON and XML.

Scalable Architecture Peak Signal understand that businesses require elastic, scalable systems that can scale out, and we have more than a decade of software development experience in this space covering both on-prem and cloud-based solutions using technologies such as Docker containers; microservices architecture; and stateless design.

Software Development Extensive experience building end-to-end software products covering the full software development lifecycle in a variety of programming languages and tools such as Python, Delphi, Java, Bash, and Javascript.

Storage and Databases We support all major commercial and free software relational database vendors, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and MariaDB / MySQL. Our experience also extends to the NoSQL and Big Data segment: Hadoop, Spark, Nifi, ElasticSearch, Redis, and Hive are all tools we have commercial experience integrating with and using.

To support solutions in these areas, Peak Signal offer a suite of modular enterprise integration products.

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Julian Shutt

More than a decade of experience in technical and product roles, Julian has delivered strategic projects that have ranged in scale from incremental product-development through to major business-change. Trained as a broadcast engineer, he started in broadcast operations, later specialising in project engineering and systems architecture. Julian now specialises in the delivery of enterprise systems and broadcast and OTT products.

Tom Pammenter

With a background in media operations, Tom worked in a number of roles for broadcast service providers before becoming a contractor and starting up the specialist broadcast recruiter - Frame 25. Having established a large network of broadcast and technology professionals working closely with a range of clients to understand their needs and help solve some of the challenges associated with evolving business models across the sector. Using his first hand experience and contacts, Tom’s team provide Peak Signal with technology and operations expertise from across the sector. Tom specialises in business development strategy and resourcing.

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