Latest News:

  • Minutes of the Jan. 21, 2019 meeting were sent via email to all parents on Jan. 25, 2019

  • At the meeting, a motion was made to create a joint Maple Grove and Magee Swing Site Committee to work alongside the VSB and ensure that our interests and concerns are taken into consideration during the decision making process, especially as the VSB has projected that we will become a swing site for the next twenty years.  If you are interested in working on this committee, please contact

  • PAC is in need of volunteers for hospitality (e.g. bringing refreshments to meetings), communications (e.g. monitoring PAC email, updating the website), and fundraising (e.g. working with school staff to raise funds for programs).  The time commitment varies (e.g. one time vs. an hour every month), but any time you can give to support PAC is greatly appreciated.  A well-run PAC is the result of “many hands make light work”.  Please contact if you are able to give us a hand.  Thank you!

  • Offering Parent Education is a PAC priority.  We believe Connection + Education = Prevention.  Please click on our “Parent Education” tab to learn about and register for upcoming Magee PAC, SACY and DPAC programs.  Although the event is sold out on-line because this workshop is free, many who sign up do not actually end up attending.  DPAC recommends if you arrive 15-30” prior to the workshop, you will most likely get a seat. Magee PAC recognizes  this topic is a high priority for Magee Parents and is also working with Administration to bring a similar workshop to Magee this spring.  There are still tickets available for the next one on Feb. 28 (“Supporting Caregivers of Students with Diverse Learning Needs”).  Please register early to get a seat.