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About Our App

YENKII app promotes your business to your targeted customer. You can create any offers to attract your customer. Very much engaging features help to reach your offer to any customer. Its way of reaching your offer to the mind of customers.

Your Business App

We present you a dynamic app which becomes your app when people are around your business. You can have specific feature that allows you to add any information regarding to your business or product or offers etc that you want people to know about it. It helps people to know about your business when they are nearby.


We have set a platform that you can plan for offers that help to attract the nearby people. And we take responsibility to reach those offers to the people who are near to your business. You can add attractive banners, catchy words related to the offers.

Featured Offers

It is special feature that allows you to reach any people anywhere. It helps to reach your offer to global market. Great offers should not be local, it should be global. It is great way to expand your business. Its special so it is limited.


We have created a platform that allows you to notify your nearby people best offer you have on the particular time with the stock you have. Everytime people visit your business or pass by they get notified and best valued product or offer will definetely attract any people. Every offer you offer will create vibe to the people.

Business Analytics

Algorithm that we implemented on the system helps you to know about your business with graphical representation of people visiting your business with how much they are engaged with the offer you presented. With these statistical report you can review your product or offer and reach more people more effectively.


We believe if your business is popular in your local area then it won't take much time to reach globally. We first target local people around your business and make it big after that. What ever product or offer you present we prioritize it to local poeple. But yes, we value your target people of your business and reach to them accordingly.

How The App Works?


You can fill sign up form from above sign up button. Our representative will contact you within a Day.


You will get login details as soon as we sign up the contract. Portal help you to manage offers, featured offers, notification and your connection. We have made portal so simple that normal person without IT background can go through the portal and manage it. Going through the portal, you can track the effectiveness of your offer and product.

Create Offers

You can create as many offers as your business demand. Creating offer is so simple; Name the offer, price, discount and add banners. Offers can be set within time frame that you want. It can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. You can make offer as Featured offer which will reach to global people that boost your business globally.


You can create as many offers you want. But not necessary to be published immediately. You can have plan for it and publish best offer with time demand. Its just a click to make offer visible to people.

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Our Pricing Options

We have set pricing module with the value we give to your business. You can select any one from the following package. It is the best value for reaching your offer or product to the people.

Lite Plan


Per Month

  • 20 Offers
  • 3 Featured Offers
  • 20 Notifications
(207) 697-4609

Standard Plan


Per Month

  • 30 Offers
  • 4 Featured Offers
  • 30 Notifications
(828) 655-7330

Pro Plan


Per Month

  • 50 Offers
  • 8 Featured Offers
  • 50 Notifications
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