I like funny guys.

Everyone knows you're rich.

Orville took another sip.

Vicky Jackson is one of the richest men in Boston.

France is a republic.

He promised to sell.

I wonder why.

I like to observe people.

I'm afraid of the cops.

They want answers.

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If you know where Woody lives, tell me.


I thought you'd be happy for Diana.

He sits upright, not crouched over his plate like an animal at a feeding trough.

This happened to me too!


He should resign from his post, since it's too much responsibility for him.


It happened that he saw her there.

He lost his life in an accident.

Don't tell her.


Today the lighthouse is open as a visitor attraction, and it is popular for its good view of the shingle beach.

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Glenn asked Guido what to do.

If you don't study hard, you'll continue to get poor scores.

The radio is broken.

It's official business.

Scotland's anthem is called "The Flower of Scotland".

It seems someone called on me in my absence.

"Alas!" he said, "what will become of me?"

I am in a tight place.

Christopher Columbus drank unfiltered seawater.

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This is believed to be the place where he died.

I wouldn't like being a judge.

Sekar felt he had no chance to win the race.

I didn't hurt Thuan.

What's he doing out there? Invite him inside!

The roof of the house is leaking.

We are so happy.

I recovered.

Do you still think we have a chance to win?

Are you guys from Austria, or is it Australia?

She started to see another man.

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I've been looking for it everywhere.

Kyung always worries about money.

He made a speech that supported my opinions.

Dan misses Boston.

Is there something else we should be doing?

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Please remain seated until the bus stops completely.

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More information on the system structure is available in the Features section.

It's really unbelievable, isn't it?

I wish I could speak English half as well as he can.

Do you love my name more than you love me?

His method is much more effective than ours.

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Dalton is playing with her doll house.

Claudia came too late.

The rocket landed sufficiently gently to avoid breaking its instruments.


Let me do my job.


Please tell me what you think.

He got 90 marks in his English test.

The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.

A sailor christened his ship the "Why Not".

We stood talking for half an hour.

Can you will yourself to fall asleep?

The train arrived ten minutes late.

A sentence contextualizes words.

Why is swimming not allowed in this river?


I'm not interested in your religion.

How many pupils do you teach ?

I've known Beverly since 2013.


I do love travelling, and would love to travel the world with a close friend.

Ravindran reluctantly handed Marshall the money.

I've really got work to do.


It wasn't me who insulted you.

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I obeyed the rules.


Please give generously.

He wants to dance.

That story can be true.

Eduardo will be difficult to beat.

How well Tony can play tennis!

Ben looked up at the ceiling.

I tried to open the window, but it seems to be stuck.

I have a desire to go to England.

We're helping them.

The frog came out of the water.

You came on too strong.


She has a wonderful personality.


I will prescribe a febrifuge to you.


The accident was due to his careless driving.

A man who is absorbed in his work looks animated.


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Why would I need one?

This substance will mix with water.

Kirsten's life is in danger.


Torsten is scratching Drew.


You have no idea how pretty the girls are around here!

Don't look so sad.

Pull the plant up by the roots.

Is his story true?

She was uncommonly witty and charming.

Sandeep never told me his last name.

Kenton heard Kee recite the poem.


What happened was an accident.

The sooner we start doing something about global climate change, the better off we'll be.

Think about how you did me wrong.

I got rid of all the books.

I think that that car is slowly following us.

I had to stay behind to help Shirley.

I should've known it was a waste of time.

We kind of like what we've done.

That's what I pay you for.

Craig suggested that we surprise you.

It's a paid position.

She kissed away the boy's tears.

There were only three left.


The dog waited day after day for its master's return.

This is his.

How many young people do you know that own as many cars as Jay does?


Several students in the back of the classroom laughed quietly.

You won't be late, will you?

You can't expect more than that.

Why don't you ask them that?

I made her laugh.


There was nothing I could do.

We're still waiting for Trey's decision.

The world is unfair.

Kevan used the F word.

I missed a golden opportunity.

Buy any dress you like.

Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

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You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.


It was the warmth that I missed the most.

Do you really want to pitch your tent this close to the river?

What a cute outfit!

This sentence doesn't make sense.

I can't possibly think your story is true.

Nou, I bet you'd be a good teacher.

Sandeep is now apologizing.


You captivated me, dear.

And as for you (how are you)?

They believed it necessary to have great contests every four years.

There is no feeling in my toes at all.

Stalin was the father of all peoples - in his own unhealthy imagination.

This statement-of-purpose essay has no consistency in how the points are laid out and gives a distracted impression.

This is a sorcerer

The doctor told Syd to stay in bed and get as much rest as he could.

I suggest we hurry.

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You're not going to believe me.

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The cost of living in Japan is going down.

I ordered them to leave the room.

I'm sure Stanly is going to hate me.

I'd rather be at home.

You won't get any help from Ellen.


Let's fly kites.

He is superior to me in English.

Alex is a traitor.

He knocked his knee against the chair.

Is it all right to take pictures in this building?


We're not finished with negotiations.


Apparently, Laurie didn't notice anything wrong.

Would you please not smoke in this room?

Examinations interfere with the real purpose of education.

We want to talk with Jackye.

Ro was worried that he might be late.

They talked together like old friends.

What is the secret to your success?


I want to live in a small town.