It wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be.


Refrain from making more comments.

What a rascal!

Irwin saw the exhibits.

My wife was a Smith.

I'm not the kind of person that you think I am.

He claimed that he had returned the book to the library.

I think Jarvis won't mind if we're a little late.

This autumn I am, unusually, watching many drama series.

What would happen if a large asteroid struck the earth?


George must be Juan's boyfriend.

Datu visited Alvin.

That wasn't so hard.


I want you to get the help that you need.


He devised a new engine to use less gas.

I get hives when I eat eggs.

Mum is home.

I'm afraid we must break off the discussion.

All the divers already had their wet suits on.

What do they call her?

I think Darren's plan will work.

This is the house he lived in.

Don't go beyond the speed limit.


I'll return to get my handbag.

Close the door after you.

I tried not to make any noise.

I'm not totally convinced of that.

I got here as fast as I could.

In April we have a lot of school events.

I wanted to watch that movie with you.

Please come to my room to help me.

Accordingly, besides noun declension patterns, there also existed a greater variety of verb conjugation patterns than in Modern English.

Eduardo asked me for help.

She was able to go to college thanks to the scholarship.

He blew out the candle.

This book is so cool.

I think you've already met him.

Can I have half a kilo apples?

They argue a lot, but for the most part they get along quite well together.

I'll remain your ally no matter what happens.

Can you hear the noise of the waves on the beach?

When was the last time you upset your father?

They'll remember.

I wasn't thinking.

I play a lot of volleyball.

Clem asked what I was going to do.

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Your letter has arrived too late.

Duncan was the one who suggested that.

They had once helped each other.

They are so alike that I can't tell which is which.

Did you go to the doctor?


If the coffee is too strong, add some more water.

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There's a park near my house.

Such actions are alien to our beliefs.

We postponed our picnic pending a change in the weather.

England is synonymous with football, fish & chips, and the Queen.

The other day I met Meg in Kyoto.

What you're suggesting won't work.

We'll meet on Thursday morning.

There's been quite a jump in the temperature.

This flower is beautiful.

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We work to earn money.

"If you really loved me, you'd do it." "But I do love you." "Then why won't you do it?"

We have a house in the country as well as a flat in London.

He hid his anguish with a smile.

I didn't mean to wake them up.

I had hoped to finish it yesterday.

Can we stop at the post office?

I feel ill at ease with her.

Fifteen per cent of the housing will be affordable, so that low-income families will be able to buy or rent homes in the area.

Esperanto is the most self-centered language in the world.

Donne started to walk away.

Don't talk so impudently.

The plan was approved in its entirety.

Though the Browns have seven children, they seem to make ends meet.

Get back in the house.

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It's not nice being lied to.

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She's not interested in her English lessons.

Your children are so charming!

Even if God didn't exist, it would be again nice to have been created.

I wish Margie was here with us today.

I didn't eat enough.

Now it's time to start studying.

Bernie already has a new girlfriend.

The most dangerous thing Stacy ever wanted to try to do was to hold a poisonous snake.

Angus started bragging about his new car.


He came late, as is often the case with him.

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Your wife saw me and told you?

I have an eight-year-old daughter.

I'd say it's gonna rain tomorrow.


He got lost while he was walking in the woods.

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I was just about to come looking for you.


We see a snow-capped mountain.

The war had entered its final stage.

Sanand will be waiting for Emmett.


I have a fish bone stuck in my throat.

I hurriedly started searching in earnest.

Why is everyone clapping?


Even the smallest child knows that kind a thing.

I met her when I was thirteen.

Jim was more than happy to do it.

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Most Americans do not object to my calling them by their first names.

I think Kris is friendly.

Why do you always wear white shirts?

I wasn't ready for it.

Mike runs fastest in his class.


There can be no human society without conflict.

The news distressed her.

My hand got bitten by my beloved dog.

Jarvis and Wendy have the same birthday.

There is a cafeteria in the university.

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We enjoyed swimming in the lake.

Philippe speaks fast.

Someone betrayed us.

I told you not to call me at work.

You can do it, too.

He has no redeeming traits.

You won, fair and square.

I'm just trying to buy some time.

He will never forgive me.

Ro should leave now.

How do you plan to handle this problem?

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The rights of the individual are the most important rights in a free society.

Rusty and I talked this morning.

Anthony would like to ask you and Daryl some questions.

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Listen to me, all of you.

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I admit that I've already forgotten what I wanted to say.

Christie loves you.

I just want to do God's will.

Stephen and Hal lost their jobs.

Rod gave me some old coins.

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Did you take her home?

The town was infected by the virus and is now quarantined.

It's not going to end well.

Dennis was doing what he loved.

How long does it take for light from the sun to reach the earth?

I want to drink cashew juice.

She almost passed out.


You can search me!


He put down the pencil on the desk.

Nobody wanted to get up from the table.

Do you always obey orders?

It's a gross distortion of the truth.

It seems unfair to me.

I never had a chance to give Shahid the message.

She turned on the TV.

I'd like to live in a decent house.

If you are a member of a primitive community and you wish to produce, say, food, there are two things that you must do.


What'll it be, in a bottle or draft?

Spass didn't realize he was in any danger.

It being Sunday, I got up late in the morning.


After a while he found out the answer.


Be cheerful! Add an exclamation mark to all of your sentences!

Stay away from there.

I had a bad night.

This house is for rent.

I've got good news for you.


It was with my friends that I went out.


In our house there are two cats: one white and the other black.


Malus had cancer.

Kristian just got arrested.

I'm worried because the dentist I went to recently told me, "You've got periodontitis alright".


It looks like Phill won the race.


If you look carefully, you'll see that the box has a false bottom.