This is highly irregular.

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Without water, you could not live.

I have a delivery for Sam.

I met her late in the evening.

The captain of the ship decided to change course.

You are not to blame for the accident.


We should adopt his proposal.


Are you sure you're warm enough?

Wait till the rain stops.

Are you going to do it?

You don't get paid to think.

Music is the international language.

Please give me money.

He is eager to get on in the world.

Homeroom teachers should make every effort to keep in touch with their students.

What would get their attention?

I have somewhere else I need to be.

I'm warm.

I hope Those goes home.

She has unruly hair.

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I know she's hiding something from me.


I doubt his ability to do the job.

Try once again.

Susan is majoring in American history.


The trip was very informative.


My cousin is already four years old.

It wouldn't hurt to tell us.

I like to build bridges.


The set of complex numbers is isomorphic to a certain factor ring.

Ian never was very good at math.

It's impolite to stare at people.

What do people do for fun in Boston?

Grow up a little.

Her son has her eyes.

I want to hear a story.

The spring is my favorite season of the year.

She was greedy for love.

What are you saying?!

We're very different.


Bucky has got to loosen up a little.


One cannot make dogs out of cats.

This first class wine puts meat on your bones and thickens your blood.

She thinks much of others' opinions.

What are you going to do now?

The air in this room is foul.

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He is devoid of human feeling.

They all went to the restaurant.

Do you really think this is a good location for a store?

I didn't realize you didn't understand French.

He loves his own children.


There was something moving in the distance.

You're probably too young to understand what's happening.

Can we extend the deadline by two weeks?

It's fine.

Randal is hiding something. I know it.


You seem to have a really good grasp on this.

Sorry for telephoning you so early.

She decided on a blue dress.

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This area has been considerably built up of late.

We're full.

It looks like a lot of people have come out to take part in the competition.

You must have dropped them.

This river is very dangerous to swim in.

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This is your color!

If you're ever in the area, give me a call.

She bought the old table for next to nothing.


Let me taste it.

If you commute to work with a car, you risk getting too little exercise.

I'm not playing with you.

I'm sure I have the right number.

Prices have reached a new high.

Erick is just sitting on the porch, doing nothing.

You spend more time with them than me.

He appeared confident before presenting his findings, but his presentation was at best equivocal.

Tomorrow, it will be hot.

Add meat.

We'll see you then.

Briggs's paternal grandparents live in Australia.

We'll pay for it.

We worked together.

I should never have thought, dear boy of mine, that you were so dainty and fussy about your food. Bad, very bad! In this world, even as children, we must accustom ourselves to eat of everything, for we never know what life may hold in store for us!


She's Laurie.

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This road will lead you to the station.

Sofoklis was one of the first people here today.

He cleared the roof of snow.

Maybe I can talk Danny into going camping with us.

Scores of people died in the epidemic.

Let me show you something I found.

Why do koalas not have a navel?

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Warren Harding was an honest man.

I have to explain this to her.

How lucky!

I didn't call on him because I had a cold.

Jean could hardly contain his excitement.

You'd better send for the doctor.

I don't think Will will be back.

I've been sitting here watching Piotr flipping burgers and rotating the sausages on the grill.

Teleportation became a stable means of transportation by the 24th century.

He served his master well.

Would you like a mint?

My career is on the line.

They welcomed her warmly.


Triantaphyllos, you should see this.

I accept that challenge.

I don't mind waiting.

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It seemed pretty important.

Don't use the iron, electric kettle, and electric stove at the same time.

Geoff was tickled pink.


I made that up.

See how much more carefully made these are compared to those?

I knew Carter wouldn't have enough money.

The wages will be paid in proportion to the work done.

You're really a great person.

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I got gloomy and thought of giving up.


The ship scudded before a heavy gale.

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He ate bread and butter.


I've had quite enough of his impudence.

You were the love of my life.

Perhaps it would be best if you left.

We wouldn't have asked Holly to come if we didn't want him here.

I intend on fighting till the end.

If I forget, please remind me.

Edgar got something in his eye.

Are you still working with Miriam?

He cannot tell right from wrong.

James VI of Scotland is crowned as James I of England.

Love is all you need.

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Ixtli has a lovely face.


I don't like her touching you.

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The woman left and went to the courthouse, where she waited in line again.

Don't stare.

We'll pick her up on the way.


I'll have it ready for you by tomorrow.

Blake paid no attention to Sean.

It looks like she's Russian.

I have a lot of problems at the moment.

I reasoned him out of his fears.

Collin is the only person for me.

Why does Janet look so angry?

Come what may, you should go your own way.

This soup is too spicy.


The boy had the kindness to show us around.

Marco said that was up to you.

Do you want to know what I think?

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When we reached the summit, we all yelled out into the void.

I like to add pictures to my album.

What's the biggest difference?


"The Castle of Otranto" is the first gothic novel in English, and it set the standards of the whole genre.

Her father devoted his life to science.

I'm not what I used to be.

I will define happiness as this.

Don't have a friend who always agrees with you, but have a friend who argues with you.

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Mike named his dog Spike.

Stop resisting!

I'm feeling nauseous.


I have my doubts about that.

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I'll try it.

I find that I get the best flavor by grinding fresh peppercorns.

I didn't do much yesterday.

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than Madagascar?

Nobody else bothered us.

Knut went out to his car.

You borrow pens from your friends.