We could say that both of those balls are the same weight.

About 80% of North Americans can no longer see the Milky Way because of light pollution.


It's not difficult to learn Dutch.

Yvonne gave Joel a push.

Takuya swam naked as a jaybird.

Why did you leave?

Clarence is learning French.

I've made him wait long enough.

I don't want them to get upset.

Our dog seldom bites.

The typhoon has lost its power.

When a sentence is not owned by anyone, like this one, you can correct it yourself.

Grace survived the car crash.

As usual, Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

How many apples do you want?


Jin knows exactly what he's doing.

Don't you always sleep like a log yourself? I can understand your feelings of wanting them to enjoy their meal but don't be in such a rush.

I enjoy climbing trees every once in a while.

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Thank you for preparing meals for me while I was sick in bed.

Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body.

This pianist is known for his virtuosity.

He didn't give me time to think.

The last time I saw Patricia he was a little overweight.

It would be fun to make some crepes in the office.

Patty can't help the way he is.

That system is clearly better than the current one.

I thought Billie liked me.

I was singing.

The supply can not keep up with the demand.

I'm a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Seenu seems conservative.


The fruits are dried in the sun.

I'll start with a beer.

I just noticed it.


Diana laughed, too.

He's quite a nice fellow but I don't like him.

Window or aisle?

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I would have liked that Van succeeded.


They spent six months building the house.

I took the photo.

This field is not well cultivated.

Timothy is planning to redecorate his bedroom.

I don't know what can be done about it.

We learned French.

Does your family background involve Chinese medicine?

Nathan isn't bossy.

Bryan gave up hope a long time ago.

I had no idea you were so ruthless.

We're still trying to determine what happened.

We're not taking questions.

What's the horse's name?

Whip him until he confesses.

Roger doesn't like riding buses.


I'm here because I need Deb's help.

Meg has a natural gift for languages.

Do not eat anything before you go to bed.

He undressed her with his eyes.

This watch needs repairing. It gains 20 minutes a day.


Kennedy Airport, please.

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Why are you so interested in where Charlie went?

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That's all I'm looking for.


Alcohol mixed with energy drinks can be a dangerous combination.

That church on the hill is very old.

I don't have time for reading.

We were going to get married.

We must try to protect the environment.

A wonderful thing has happened.

I wasn't complaining about that.


He had the bad habit of drinking too much wine.

Sue is the best tennis player in our school.

He's sexy and muscular.

I hear he is to go abroad for study as soon as he graduates from school.

I don't think I'm going to make it.

I think it's a great pity that he died so young.

Hey mister, you forgot your coat!

I thought you trusted me.

Can anyone drive?

Hey, pops! What are you doing!

I wish I had eaten more.

Everybody seems to be having a good time.

The next discussion concerns the transplantation of prenatal tissues.

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You'd better come see this.


Gypsy is finally himself again.

It appeared best to remain in front.

Southwestern cities like Phoenix and Tucson have some of the fastest-growing populations in the country.

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I've never understood them.


Are you convinced?


At present, the cause of the disease is unknown.

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I carelessly gave my email address to a stranger.

I'm sitting here.

You would like it.

By an inconceivable contradiction, he did not forgive the young girl for having followed his orders.

Is it OK to feed my dog the same thing that I feed my cat?

The manager stood at the door.

Is there a happy ending to this story?

A bottle of the wine was left.

Lewis needs to learn Japanese, since he's going to Japan next year.

Her parents love me.

This is the first time I've seen such a dreadful movie.

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We might not need to pay the full price.

Many teachers have a problem with Toufic.

This medicine, properly used, will do you a lot of good.


I had no idea what time I was supposed to be there.

He did the work by himself.

They were really cut from the same cloth.

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I'd like some information.

I'd like to talk with you privately.

This doesn't involve you.


Spencer took the blame for their mistake.

Let's just make sure this is what we're supposed to be doing.

Come what may, you should go your own way.


People believe that god exists.

It's back there somewhere, through the bog.

These chairs are by no means satisfactory.


Virtue can only flourish amongst equals.

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You're not the only one who's hungry.


Serdar looked up and laughed.

Go fix the hot-water bottle.

The class being over, the students left quickly.

Let's try to make them laugh.

Drop in if you get a chance.

Go out and get some more firewood.

How to arouse a woman's desire?


When we were going through security, I got pulled out of line for a pat-down.

Why are you in town?

I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon.


The basket was full to the brim with strawberries.

In short, all died out.

Health advocates have pushed for laws restricting work-place smoking.

Micky built his son a house next to his own.

One bad apple spoils the bunch.


Who doesn't know that?


Don't try to trick us.

Don't worry about what I did.

I passed the test with flying colors.

Phone robbery thwarted in unusual manner.

"Who sees variety and not the unity wanders on from death to death", state the Upanishads.

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To be always honest is not easy.


Those troops are going into action.

How much is rye flour?

Vampires cannot cross the threshold of a house without having been invited.

What's this stuff here?

He was able to ski down the slope.

We have got to get him to take that project seriously.

I thought you'd never ask.

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I am not in the least afraid of dogs.

I hear you very well.

I'm not petting their dog.

They're here to protect him.

I ate one and then I ate the other.

It is no use asking him again.

I'm heading to bed now. I can barely keep my eyes open.

I tried it again, only to fail.

He often goes to Tokyo.

That hat looks good on you.

As for me, I prefer beer to whisky.

What do you really think?

Tell Randell it's urgent.


These pens are better than those.


It sounds like they're not going to leave.

In English the verb precedes the object.

Jesus, Leigh and John are eating breakfast.

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Someone said to the stones: "Be human." The stones said: "We are not hard enough yet."