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Chris sipped his wine slowly.

Are you accusing her?

Get back to work.

She grew up in a small town.

I sent Steina a letter in Icelandic.

Each boy has his own room.

I don't have the numbers of my checks.

Who's your favorite fashion designer?

He told me not to tell lies.

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Can you keep it a secret?

Aimee didn't die in a car accident.

Max said he doesn't know Woody.

Can Rudy cook?

When did you tell him?

To put it briefly, I do not agree.

I can't remember how to do it.


I'm a stranger in these parts.

I don't understand what you find so interesting about squirrels.

That's why I did it.

He's a prisoner of war.

He is always seeking for fame and wealth.

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I'm in charge until Srikanth gets here.


There's no right or wrong way to grieve.

You're screaming.

I think someone, and I know very well who, took my money.

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Minutes later, police arrived at my door.

I know you have it.

I'll punch the clock.

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I got scared long before entering the plane.

Stand up and introduce yourself, please.

I don't know whether Brender is busy or not.

Tollefsen must've been showing off.

She had no idea what to expect.

I left as soon as I could.

I'm angry.

Does Herb know that you like him?

Maybe we shouldn't have told Roberto about what Scot did.

You've gotten used to having Kusum around, haven't you?

Lloyd is almost never late for appointments.

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A large ship appeared on the horizon.

It is quite common for him to say so.

I found it hard to close the door.

I was thinking about going to that new place on Park Street.

The sink was full, so I left the plate on the countertop.

This stone is beautiful. Where did you find it?

Disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people.

We could be happy here.

My new pair of shoes are made of leather.


Parts facing the oncoming flow are said to be windward, and parts facing away from the flow are said to be leeward.

"Come on, let's go." "Where are you taking me?"

Marvin took care of the children.

By the way, Sridharan is in town.

The two of us are students.


Sanjib walked towards the kitchen.

Don't put down his suggestions.

Let me hear from you very soon.

Jamie dropped his mobile, but a girl found it.

Let's be candid.

It was a strange situation.

Can't you just be happy and enjoy the party?

He's in bed with the flu.

They all turned to look at Bonnie.

Why is Helge's name circled?

Anger caused him to tremble.

What made you do this?

Spencer watched the skaters glide across the ice.

They searched high and low for the missing boy but to no avail.

Leora wasn't kidding about that.

Maybe that's why Shankar wants to see Shankar.

Who is this mysterious woman?

Nathan quietly left the room.

Feast your eyes on this.

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If a transnational corporation had invented Esperanto, it would be English.

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I don't think he's faking.

The ingenious man received the prestigious award for the first time.

How's Presley going to do it?

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You'd better go to bed.


Wayne began to work.

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The river has risen.

Where's Jim going to stay?

What are we doing for lunch?


It's rather unique.

No one believes what Skip says anymore.

Do you have any idea what's in the box?

I got it, OK?

Miles gave me the go-ahead.


That's the author whose book you praised yesterday.


She is very fond of gossip.

I'll never tell.

He will wait.

Dark matter cannot be seen directly.

He wears pajamas.


Can you please pick one up?

There's nothing worse for children than litigated custody.

It's definitely Sumitro.


Are the muffins ready?


Jarvis is gorgeous.

The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Where did you get this ring?


The French Revolution took place in 1789.

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Suzan just found out that he has to move to Boston.

Have you ever smiled at Taninna?

They could be listening.

Kathryn thinks that Danish is the most beautiful language in the world.

She stayed out in the rain.

That is to say, their behavior seems to be against the rules made by adults.

Gale's family rarely eats together.

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My dream is to be a baseball player.

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I want to go to Seattle.


Don't give way to their request.

I really think you should come.

Wade needs some rest.


The profits were very high.

I don't blame you.

Amy is from a foreign country.

I've canceled the fundraiser.

Please listen carefully to what I say.

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His attempt proved to be a failure.

No matter how many people tell him he made a mistake, Doug still insists he's right.

John came to terms with his problem, which means he has accepted it.

What're you doing to her?

He was desperate to get married.

I hate guys like that.

I am halfway through this detective story.

Rajesh wanted Robert to tell him her opinion.

Hal has already set off.

Everyone ignored me.

We're going to need them both.


Sit down, the place isn't taken.

Po can face death with so much serenity.

Did you already know that?

The cruelest lies are often told in silence.

We'll do the best we can.

I'll come back to Australia the day after tomorrow.

Mastering a language is much easier said than done.

Claudia thinks he knows where to find Leung.

I want to close my account.

They ran through the streets naked.

I had my car filled up at the service station at the corner.

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"Where is your father?" "I don't have one."

He never breaks his habit.

I'm going to see what I can do.

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We stayed at my aunt's during the vacation.

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I will define happiness as this.

I've never been this scared before.

She protested to me that she had never done such a thing.

Gandhi was shot dead.

Did I tell you I now teach at the high school near your house?

You've got to apologize to him.

Hey Carlos, can you give me a lift?


A bit of juice, please.


So far from being robust, he was extremely weak.

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Few people are free from cares.

This is the most beautiful beach in the whole world.

She deleted her Facebook account.


I told you I'd be right back.

You help us.

Is there time?

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How many other cars does Subra own?

What do you want to know that for?

I am going to fly my kite this afternoon.

Stop harassing Warren.

This never happened.