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Emma ordered another drink.

Why do you say goodbye?

Take your place.

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You probably don't remember.

Sue often breaks promises.

I've never tried driving a car.


The child threw a stone at the cat.

They loved Boston.

Winston needs a doctor.


Ken isn't any taller than I am.


Modern Hebrew is easier than Ancient Hebrew.


Trains were arriving on time.

The rice crop is poor this year.

Please pay the cashier.


I knew that Wendy wouldn't be able to get the loan.

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She is dressed in white.


Seneca admonished us: "It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult."

Don't let it touch.

There is evidence to the contrary.

It won't come to that.

He gave me a hint.


I'm not a bartender.


Ross is illiterate.


He is a killer, he should be behind bars!

You should leave that sort of thing to me.

We drink everything.


I just sold my car to him.

Only a few people listened to him.

Don't you know then, my son, how little wisdom rules the world?


I doubt if it'll snow.


I'm plowing the soil.


Chip hates your guts.

Regular attendance is required in that class.

We were unsure what kind of person Tracy would be and whether he would like living in the same house as us.

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Why can't you stay with him?

You're a lying pig.

Do you think we'll win?

Ramanan made me promise not to say anything.

He is an accountant at the company.

Angus sweats a lot.

I want to see you alone.

Why did it have to be him?

She is pleased with her new dress.

That does it.

I wonder if we lost our luggage.


I call my sweetheart darling.

Too much drinking may be hazardous to your health.

He lost his rag.

Shutoku is no different than the rest of us.

Will you explain the last part in detail?

I'd like to speak with her.

Joon did everything for me.

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I watched Doraemon a lot when I was a kid. But I had no idea he was so large!

Kazuo is an ambitious young man.

It could be fatal.


Is it true that chicken soup will cure a cold?

She noticed her husband's wandering eye.

It was a chance meeting.


The writer is working on his new book.

I almost forgot to do that.

I'll do my best to have no regrets.


Stand up for yourself.

The glass crashed to the ground.

That's bollocks!


I work and always labor very much.

I've accepted it.

It'll wear off soon.

Can you speak any language other than French?

In school, Alexis was often teased.

Ramon doesn't have to do this if he doesn't want to.

I cannot learn Finnish because I don't want to live in Finland.

The lecture on the Impressionist painters was interesting.

The student body is opposed to the new rules.

That didn't really happen.

You're so hilarious.

I'm not convinced Dion is telling the truth.

I've never had a night like this.

On the right, the Iller, Lech, Isar and Inn rivers draw towards the Danube.

He was really cute and I liked him a lot.

Quarrels would not last long if the fault were only on one side.

Once a year does not hurt.

Gregory didn't seem to understand my French.

Whenever my Mom has a personal problem her favorite thing to do is write to the advice column in her favorite magazine.

I love beer.

He has what to reproach you for.

We've already achieved that.

I thought you said you were going to buy me a drink.

Meg sometimes annoys Ken.

Don't leave the room with the window open.

Me? Encourage you to work? Blasphemy!

This is the first time I've ever commented a sentence.

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This doesn't surprise me.

Scott was wearing a blue hospital gown.

Do you have a birthmark?

Is that really all that surprising?

I live in Azerbaijan.

I could stay a while longer if you want me to.

We should be winning.

He bought me drinks.

Vaughn couldn't figure out what Ariel was trying to say.

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She advised him to give up drinking.

I work on the computer all day.

My wife is having a baby.

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I'll take the children to school.


I've dreamed about this for years.

Would you see if you could find out what's causing all that noise?

When will this rain let up?

Her face reflects disgust and sadness, rather than anger.

Darin went back home.

I'll rip your head off!

The robber aimed his gun at the police officer.


It didn't take long for the news to get about- everyone's talking about it.

Mac never wore that hat again.

While long-term credit banks are authorized by law to issue bonds to raise fund, they are not allowed to take deposits the way ordinary banks are.

Do I have the right to accompany you?

Detective Dan Anderson has finally pieced together the whole murder story.

You shouldn't go out after dark.

I can't figure out why he said so.


I can't do this without her.

She isn't old enough to get a driving licence.

She is still a girl.

Do you eat salads?

Raanan left home ten years ago.

Pay more attention to your work.

I haven't yet gotten used to the food here.

I need them.

The two candidates are neck and neck.

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The priest said that this book could be harmful to youth.

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His head had been shattered by a savage blow from some heavy weapon.


I lived in happiness.

She wore such thin clothes that she might well catch a cold.

Thad didn't have anything to do with the scandal.


Nadeem thinks that Danish is the most beautiful language in the world.

I burned the paper.

I was surprised at her sudden visit.

I'm going to need all the help I can get.

That's all, thanks.

Kitty likes to play soccer.

This car belongs to me.


Sandra is peeling the potatoes.

"Oh man! If I was as cool as Mott was, I'd have three girlfriends" - "I have another opinion about that. In any case, Taurus has no girlfriend."

But my absolute favorite is not there.

I don't want to be rich.

I cannot possibly come.

Then she told the King the evil deed which the wicked witch and her daughter had been guilty of towards her. The King ordered both to be led before the judge, and judgment was delivered against them. The daughter was taken into the forest where she was torn to pieces by wild beasts, but the witch was cast into the fire and miserably burnt.

All we have to do is wait.


I'm thin.


I'd agree with that.

Jayant didn't have to say it so rudely.

Say hello to Surya for me.


They're not just roommates. They're lovers.

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What kind of play is it?


The capacity of ecosystems to buffer the impacts of extreme events like fires, floods, and severe storms is being overwhelmed.

Do you hang out with your siblings a lot?

Please call a taxi for me.

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Do you think Shean is unscrupulous?

Rahul is doing it the right way.

Do you have a nail file?

I will go there in place of you.

May I ask you a few questions?