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With more than 10 years in the Software Industry GessMovil has contributed to the success of many software development projects in different industries and created its own suite of products for different markets. We are an Agile Software Development company not because we normally use such process to develop software solutions but because we delivery on time under budget and with high quality. Agility is not having a daily meetings but deliver working software continuously without excuses.

  • We are experts on automatization and CI/CD process
  • We innovate continouslly creating best in class software solutions for different industries
  • Our delivery model is lightweight, we are focused on add value to your company
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+52 (999)2850041
Healthcare Industry


Software platform for healthcare practitioners

With VAM(VISIT TO DOCTOR) a patient can access to healthcare services from his SmartPhone no matter his location. With one click the patient can request a video consulting with a physician from his SmartPhone. In few words the easiest way to get medical attention wherever you are.


¿Need a doctor? follow three single steps

1.- Look for a physician from VAM Mobile App
2.- Request a video consulting service
3.- Receive medical attention

Easy and affordable


Download VAM Mobile App

Once you download and install VAM Mobile App you will be able to receive medical attention through video consultation services with high qulified doctors , schedule appointments for medical physical visit, query your medical records and many more. All from your SmartPhone.

(870) 446-5517

Register in VAM and offer video consultation to your patients

As a doctor you can choose when you are available for video consulting, send medical tips to patients, notify about medical studies and receive payments for video consulting services. Reach new or existent patients, they are looking for you.

Sign up VAM

Available in México

If you are a healthcare practitioner with a valid license and your residence is México we invite you to join us. All you have to do is sign up to our platform VAM, click on below button now.

(501) 642-6122

Visit VAM official site

VAM Official Site

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Our mission is add value to your company by putting it in the palm of your hand. We achieve this goal implementing your company mobile strategy with highest quality. More info ...

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Have a responsive web application are critical in the digital world. You don't want to lost a sale because your potential customer can't reach your site from his SmartPhone,right?. More info ...


Through years on the market you has inherited core software of the company and want to keep it working meanwhile you modernize your solutions. No worries we have professionals that can keep your software operating. More info ...

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If your internal team doesn't have the required expertise to implement your strategy of grow based on software solutions and technology, we can complement your team with experts on such Software Engineering Technologies that will warranty project success. More info ...

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Your internal development team implemented an e-commerce solution, it is great, however, do you know how many users it is going to support?, what is the performance of the solution under heavy load?. Our QA services can help you to solve such problems. More info ...

Machine Learning

Through the years you have tons of data in your database and you know it is time to take advantage of them and make better decisions, however, don't know how to do it. Don't worries we know the path to success, applying machine learning techniques we can create a solution that explote such data and make your company a smart one. More info ...

what customer say


  • GessMovil team was a key factor when our company required to design and implement one of our core products an Epidemiologic System for Dengue control. A big challenge that involves both Business Intelligence and Mobile Development expertise. GessMovil's leadership allow us not only finish on budget and with high quality but also make our company grow from a medium size company to what is now, a consolidated group, Plenum's Group.
    CEO - Victor Gutiérrez Martínez
  • When was time to create a mobile version for one of our star products Syntempo. GessMovil was our best alternative, its experience and delivery model are excellent for our purposes, they provided us the required know how about data synchronization in the mobile world and contributed with success to the Syntempo Mobile version. I recommend GessMovil as your best partner in nearshore services.
    CTO - Raju Patel
  • I recommend GessMovil company as your best choice if you really want to have a partner with real experience achiving project goals. When the background of our internal development team was not enough GessMovil nearshore services contributed with success to our projects, training our internal teams and giving them the best practices and recommendations in software development using Agile methodologies.
    DM - Claudia Coello
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