The project will require 2000 man-hours to complete.

We talked on the way home.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they will be called children of God.

That's our future.

"There's cake. Would you like some?" "Yeah!"

I don't have time for this now.

Brand desirability among girls age 7-13 increased fivefold after the marketing department changed the company mascot to a talking pony.

This is dangerous stuff.


You took the sheep to the market.

Dwight kissed her on the cheek.

They handcuffed Stuart.

There were blood stains on the shirt that the police found under Mehrdad's bed.

I'm honored to know you.

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It'll be wonderful.


Hand me that small screwdriver.

They left together.

He asked me where my uncle lived.

I haven't found anything yet.

There are some things we could've change, but we chose not to.


The pharmacist made up the prescription for me.


I watched the film named "The Demon's Sacrifice" with my girlfriend yesterday. She was very afraid.

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I found nothing interesting in that magazine.

Generally, women live 10 years longer than men.

We're waiting for a tow truck.

Help me pull these weeds.

Thunder indicates that a storm is near.

Your words are as good as violence.

It is beneath him to do something like that.

The people are playing baseball.

Rupert isn't all that conservative.

Those children use bad words.

Over the holidays I didn't do anything.

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I cannot manage a company. It's too hard for me.


Sjouke's father's name was John.

Does a corpse get lighter if you pull out its hair?

Am I forgetting anything?

I use a big pot to cook soup.

Shall I carry coffee to them?

He is probably busy.

Come again any time.

Vladimir keeps treating me like a kid.

Why don't we just reformat the hard disk? You've been having a lot of trouble with it.

What's Brandon's favorite cocktail?

The pyre burns the dead, but anxiety burns the living.

Banks closed their doors.

In the past it was thought the world was flat.


Kamiya couldn't tell me what I really wanted to know.

On December 5 2013, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the federal government to buy at least 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

I want to see it done right.

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It is up to the government to take action on violence.

I teach English.

I will know the people of the country better.


We've just arrived.

I saw you making eyes at Mr Nagashima.

My sister is volunteering more and more of her free time to the student union.

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"How to determine whether a "how" sentence is a question." "Yes, how?"

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There's just one problem. I can't find anybody to help me.

It's so bad, it's funny.

Could you give me a ball-park figure?


May I interrupt?

It was really incredible.

I'm leaving now.

Who loves me?

I thought you hated me.

If it should rain tomorrow, I won't play golf.

I'll get you some coffee.

An old man came along.

I can't even imagine what I would do without you.


I shall let you see that.


Takayuki is efficient.


What do you want to see in Boston?

Let me have a minute with them.

Will there be any food at the party?

"You can't have fun all the time." "Why not?"

We became friends when I was in Taiwan.

How would you like your steak done?

We were all quite fond of Carsten.

Sidney's new gadget is cool, but useless.

Jeanne, why are you crying?


I'll let him know.

Saul is definitely not happy.

I hate it here.

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He knows how to charm this audience.

Winston encountered Martyn for the first time three years ago.

I thought you did fairly well.

I know you want to marry me now, but don't you think you'll have second thoughts afterward?

Eddy got furious.

Don't be angry with me, for I did it for your sake.

I only found out a couple days ago.

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I wonder who wrote this.

Do you love me just when I'm absent?

Why is there a Miss Italy but no Mister Italy?

He often plays the guitar.

The problem quoted isn't one, but there are problems in the reading section that ask you to distinguish relative pronouns from relative adverbs.

You lack imagination.

I left behind some important documents for the company at home. Sorry, but could you please go and get them for me now?


She forced me to go out with her.


I'll just go for a walk to clear my head.


Bjorne has a new job.

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Did you ever hear anything like it?

I ought to have enough money saved up to buy a car by Christmas.

I was born in a country that would seem strange to you.


Vishal needs a transplant.

It was a wonderful surprise.

The smell was terrible.


Eva used to be pretty.

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Quality of life was worsening.

You're after Anatoly.

Honest people despise those who lie.


Those feathers are mine.

May we go home?

We have to be prepared for the worst.

It was proven that fleas living on dogs jump higher than fleas living on cats.

We were very tired.

Leslie isn't used to walking barefooted.

Around his facts the scientist weaves a logical pattern or theory which gives the facts meaning, order, and significance.

Trey is a rebellious girl.

That must've been surprising.


Please say that again!

I don't entirely understand what he said.

He got up an hour early this morning.

I'll let him know.

Narendra showed her the letter from Santa Claus.

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Three guesses where I was yesterday!

"Zip it Stanislaw! I've had enough of your excuses!"

Stephan's room isn't very large.

In the carriage sat a gentleman, not attractive, but also not unattractive, not too fat nor too thin; one could not call him old, but he also was not too young.

Emily had a rough childhood.

That is where you are wrong.

It's very dark in here.

Do you mean that you don't want me to come?

Why don't you come along with us to the party?

I like to yawn.

She is over twenty.

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Can you see anything at all there?

Kanthan and Skip are on the same wavelength.

Do you want to stay with me?

We're continuing the conversation.

Scientists have found water on Mars.

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You'll remember that, I'm pretty sure.

Carol may not be able to do that.

Stop saying that.

Termites eat wood.

You don't have an email address?

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Jussi won't want to leave town until his mother is feeling better.

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I have a terrible toothache.

You were there for me when I needed you.

The mother occasionally reread her son's letter.

Everyone believes in victory, even when this is unlikely.

I went fishing with her.


Is that right?

We can go somewhere else if you want.

They said they'd make the boarding announcement 20 minutes before takeoff.

I asked him a few questions.

I'll stop her.

Get off the train at the next station.

Many people worry about paying their bills.


Why don't you have a Twitter account?


I don't remember what happened anymore.

His finances have changed for the worse.

You always repeat the same thing.

Jurevis has three younger siblings.

I agree with that statement.